Year: 2023 Source: Regina, SK: University of Regina Press. (2018). 206 p. SIEC No: 20231731
After serving in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide and civil war, Lieutenant Colonel St├ęphane Grenier returned to Canada haunted by his experiences. Facing post-traumatic stress disorder and an archaic establishment, he spent ten years confronting-and changing-the military mental health system from within. Coining the term "Operational Stress Injury" to allow the military to see mental injury in the same light as a physical wound, Grenier founded the Operational Stress Injury Social Support program that provides help for mentally injured soldiers and veterans. Since retiring from the military in 2012, his groundbreaking approach has been adopted by civilian society. Working with the Mental Health Commission of Canada, he founded Mental Health Innovations, a social enterprise which delivers Grenier's direct "walk the talk" method to improve mental well-being in government and business.