Year: 2023 Source: nternational Journal of Circumpolar Health. (2023). 82(1), 2226284. DOI: 10.1080/22423982.2023.2226284 SIEC No: 20231548
Since the 1970s, suicide has been a major public health issue in Greenland. The World Health Organization has emphasised the importance of the identification of both risk and protective factors in relation to suicide. The aim of this paper was to identify scientific literature on risk and protective factors for suicide and suicidal behaviour among Greenland Inuit. Searches in PubMed and PsycInfo resulted in 420 studies that were screened by three of the authors. After screening, the authors included 15 studies that were subject to quality assessment and data extraction. All 15 studies reported on risk factors, and only three mentioned protective factors. Most reported risk factors were on an individual level and were related to socioeconomic status, mental health, alcohol and substance use, and life stress. Risk factors related to the family mainly related to adverse childhood experiences, while the community level concerned access to education, work, and conflicts. The results indicate a large knowledge gap about protective factors for suicide and suicidal behaviour. The few protective factors reported were related to men having a family, high socioeconomic status, and being born between 1901 and 1950.