Year: 2023 Source: OMEGA—Journal of Death and Dying. (2023). 0(0), 1–19. SIEC No: 20231732
Whilst the body of research on the impacts of suicide bereavement interventions continues to grow, there is little understanding of the impact over time. This study measured changes in suicidality, levels of loneliness and grief reactions over time between those receiving support from a community-based suicide bereavement service (StandBy) compared with those that did not receive this support. Data were collected through an online survey with participation at baseline being varying times post loss, and three-months post-baseline (StandBy n = 174, Comparison n = 322). Statistical analysis included linear mixed-effects modelling for repeated measures. Results were consistent with earlier studies showing the positive impact of StandBy on participants’ grief responses, loneliness and suicidality, specifically within the first 12 months after their loss. However, these outcomes were not retained over time, with the exception of suicidality. Further longitudinal studies consisting of more than two time-points and a greater period between time-points is warranted.