Year: 2023 Source: Central Asian Journal of Social Sciences and History. (2023). 4(1), 47-60. SIEC No: 20230316

The global epidemic of COVID-19 has caused a slew of cultural changes that will impact our children and youth. Suicide, technology addiction, and school safety are all issues that must be addressed as schools return to normal in the coming months. Organized efforts are required to follow up on student problems. Interventions will also occur during and after the pandemic. As a result, school counsellors must have a good perspective and understanding of the social and emotional impacts caused by COVID-19. The author emphasizes a comprehensive approach to preventing problems that arise after the pandemic as the role of counsellors in providing practical applications. A school’s success in assessing mental health requires collaboration from all stakeholders, including teachers, staff, counsellors, and parents. A school counsellor’s understanding of the importance of mental health is also a factor. The authors stress the importance of mental health education, school counsellor involvement, and practical applications for preventing social and emotional problems during and after the epidemic.