Gender, Power, and Social Change: Youth Suicide Among Fiji Indians and Western Samoans

Working Paper #5

Pacific Island Suicide in Comparative Perspective

Suicide in Western Samoa: an Example of a Suicide Prevention Program… (IN: Preventive Strategies on Suicide, ed. by R F W Diekstra, W Gulbinat et al.)

This chapter gives a description of a Suicide Prevention Program based in Western Samoa in which special attention is paid to the method chosen by the victim. Data is presented to suggest that reducing the impact of a predominant means can reduce the total rate without a corresponding increase in other methods. Unconventional findings are […]

Patterns of Suicide: Factors Affecting Age-Sex Distributions of Suicide in Western Samoa and Fiji Indians (Working Papers in Demography No. 77)

Excess female suicide over male is reported for very few populations. Two exceptions, as far as youth suicide is concerned, are Western Samoa & the Indian population of Fiji. This paper examines age-sex patterns of suicide in these two populations & seeks to explain why female youth suicide exceeds that of males. Female suicide is […]