Suicide in the Mountain West Region of the United States.

Background: The Mountain West region of the United States consistently reports the highest rates of suicide in the country. This pattern could reflect a regional culture-of-suicide script in support of suicide that implicitly influences individual’s behavior. Aims: The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether suicide rates are elevated in the Mountain West across a wide […]

Seasonal Differences in Suicide Birth Rate in Alaska Natives Compared to Other Populations

Seasonal differences in suicide birth rates among Alaska Natives & for populations at different latitudes (resident of the Yukon, Saskatchewan, Montana, Wyoming, & Pennsylvania) were investigated. Seasonal birth rates for the general population were similarly examined. Suicide birth rates showed small seasonal variations for Alaska Natives with summer births showing more suicides. However, at lower […]

State of Wyoming: Suicide Prevention Plan. Saving one Life

This document presents the State Suicide Prevention Plan developed by the Wyoming Suicide Prevention Task Force. Following an overview of suicide in Wyoming, the guiding principles of the State Suicide Prevention Plan are presented. Priority activities necessary to the implementation of the plan are discussed, & recommended suicide prevention strategies are outlined. Suicide risk & […]

Adolescent Suicide Risk and Peer-Related Violent Behaviors and Victimization

This exploratory study seeks to understand the link between peer-related violence (perpetration & victimization) & suicide risk among youth, using data from Arizona, Nevada, & Wyoming, where the highest rates of adolescent suicide in the U.S. are found. Higher levels of reported suicide risk were prominent among the multiethnic, urban, & female respondents. Male & […]

Adolescent Children of Alcoholics: Vulnerable or Resilient?

The following research question was the basis for this study: Could parental alcoholism be a risk factor for teens engaging in problem behaviors? A secondary analysis of a Wyoming high-risk youth data set was conducted. Adolescent children of alcoholics scored significantly lower on all psychosocial factors of family/personal strengths & school bonding & significantly higher […]

Model Suicide Prevention Programs, Part 4

This newsletter provides information on 2 suicide prevention programs in Colorado & Wyoming. The Colorado program’s screening procedures, housing units, mental health services, discharge planning, & staff training are described. The componeents of the Wyoming program are: constant supervision, 15-minute emotional stability (observation at 15 minute intervals), & 30 minute observation. A resource list of […]

The law Enforcement Profession: an Incident of High Suicide

A Study of Suicide in Wyoming: A Durkheim Analysis (Micro HV 6548 U5W94 1969)

A study of the suicides in Wyoming from 1960 to 1968 utilizing both official records and a case study approach. The factors considered important for the theory of social integration are analysed and discussed. (KB)

Suicide in Wyoming, 1960-1975 (Micro HV 6548 U52W93 1979)

All of the 998 officially reported suicides in Wyoming between 1960-75 were analysed through the use of death certificates and a comparison made with national statistics. Epidemiological data are given for race, sex, urban and rural factors, mental health treatments and hospital admissions. (KB)

A Descriptive Survey of Student Suicide in Higher Education Within the Southwestern Rocky Mountain States (Micro HV 6546 B52 1971)

Study to determine the rates and demographic characteristics of student suicides in higher education within the states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, and a comparison with studies from Berkeley, Harvard and Yale. (KB)

Prior Public Health Agency Contacts of Individuals Committing Suicide

Of the 998 persons committing suicide in Wyoming during the years 1960-75, 7% had previous state mental hospitalizations and 4% had been clients at the state’s mental health centers and clinics. Findings contrast markedly with previous studies, mainly of English and American urban areas, which suggest that about 20% of suicides have received psychiatric aid […]

Suicide in Wyoming, 1960-1975

This article details suicide statistics in Wyoming from 1960 to 1975, including data on gender, marital status, age, natives, method, location, time of suicide, rural & urban rates, & the effects of population change. The authors conclude that Wyoming’s suicide pattern is different from those elsewhere because of its fairly uniform distribution throughout the social […]