Involvement in Physical Activity and Risk for Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempts

This study compared reports of recent physical activity among those surviving a nearly lethal suicide attempt to reports from community controls. Analyses were conducted on data collected between November 1992-July 1995 for a study of nearly lethal suicide attempts among people aged 13-34 years. Logistic regression analyses were used to test the association between suicide […]

One-Year Incidence of Suicide Attempts and Associated Risk and Protective Factors Among Adolescents

Data were collected using diagnostic interviews & questionnaires with a sample of 4,175 Texas youth, age 11-17 years, & 3,134 followed up a year later. Total incidence was 0.95% & first incidence 0.84% for attempts. Few significant independent predictors of attempts were found. Multivariate analyses identified only 2 independent predictors of first incidence (marijuana use […]

Disturbed Sleep Among Adolescents Living in 2 Communities on the Texas-Mexico Border, 2000-2003

The authors estimated the prevalence of disturbed sleep & associated factors among ninth graders living on the Texas-Mexico border. Probabilistic sampling was used to conduct 2 cross-sectional, school-based surveys, 1 during the 2000-2001 school year in Texas & 1 during the 2002-2003 school year in Mexico. Disturbed sleep during the 4 weeks before the survey […]

Psychiatric Problems Experienced by Primary Care Patients who Misuse Alcohol

100of 1936 primary care patients who met criteria for alcohol abuse &/or dependence were included in this study. 60 of these individuals were matched to 60 people who did not misuse alcohol. All 160 patients answered questions about psychiatric symptoms & psychotropic drug use. The lifetime prevalence of depression, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, violent behaviour, […]

The Relation Between Physical Activity and Mental Health Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adolescents

This study assessed the relation of physical activity with feelings of sadness & suicidal thoughts & behaviours among Hispanic & non-Hispanic white adolescents. 1870 Texas adolescents, ages 14-18, attending high school in Neuces County participated. More boys reported participating in physical activity than girls & more girls than boys reported feelings of sadness & considering […]

Police Suicide: why are the Rates in Some Places so low? (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

The published literature on police suicide contains serious measurement problems that undermine understanding, including: unreliability of small samples, lack of statistical significance testing, comparison of different time periods, use of different data sources, use of different summary measures, comparison to inappropriate norms, & misclassification of suicides as accidents. The authors suggest solutions for these problem […]

Assessing the Interpersonal Dynamics Associated With Serious Suicide Attempts: the Concept of Problem Irresolvability

This study sought to create an adult version of the Subject Experience of Problem Irresolvability instrument created by Orbach & colleagues, 1999. An additional objective was to examine the relationship between the suicide attempters’ experience of certain previously researched interpersonal dynamics & lethality of suicide attempts. 83 participants comprised the study group. An independent samples […]

Psychiatric Disorders and Suicide in the Nation’s Largest State Prison System


The Prevalence of Suicidal Behaviors in a Group of HIV-Positive men


The Prevalence and Comorbidity Between Delinquency, Drug Abuse, Suicide Attempts, Physical and Sexual Abuse, and Self-Mutilation Among Delinquent Hispanic Females


Racial Differences in Hopelessness as a Risk Factor for a Nearly Lethal Suicide Attempt

Data from a case-control study of nearly lethal suicide attempts within Harris County, Texas were analyzed. Interaction results from logistic regression suggest the effect of hopelessness on a nearly lethal suicide attempt may differ for black & white Americans. Hopelessness was strongly associated with a nearly lethal suicide attempt for both groups, but the odds […]

Self-Attitudes and Multiple Modes of Deviance (IN: Drugs and Suicide, ed. by D Lettieri)

Characteristics of 61 Mexican American Adolescents who Attempted Suicide


Suicide Ideation and Acculturation Among Low Socioeconomic Status Mexican American Adolescents


Axis I Screens and Suicide Risk in Jails: a Comparative Analysis


Are Mexican American Adolescents at Greater Risk of Suicidal Behaviors?


Suicide Risk at Juvenile Justice Intake

This study examined whether risks operate similarly in a justice sample. Suicidal behaviour & disorder were measured on the Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children in 991 selected youths, & examined associations between demographic, disorder characteristics, & past attempts. Recent attempts were more common in girls, in those with depression or substance disorder, & in violent […]

Increased Impulsivity Associated With Severity of Suicide Attempt History in Patients With Bipolar Disorder

In bipolar disorder subjects with either a definite history of attempted suicide or no such history, impulsivity was assessed with a questionnaire & behavioural laboratory performance measures. Subjects with a history of suicide attempts had more impulsive errors on the immediate memory task & had shorter response latencies, especially for impulsive responses. Results suggest that […]

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Occult Suicidality in an Emergency Department Population

Project SOAR: a Training Program to Increase School Counselor’s Knowledge and Confidence Regarding Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Cognitive Factors Related to Suicidal Ideation and Resolution in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Children and Adolescents


Wife Burning: Cultural Cues for Lethal Violence Against Women Among Asian Indians in the United States