Year: 2010 Source: Archives of Suicide Research, v.14, no.1, (2010), p.66-78 SIEC No: 20100248

Data were collected using diagnostic interviews & questionnaires with a sample of 4,175 Texas youth, age 11-17 years, & 3,134 followed up a year later. Total incidence was 0.95% & first incidence 0.84% for attempts. Few significant independent predictors of attempts were found. Multivariate analyses identified only 2 independent predictors of first incidence (marijuana use & caregiver attempts). Evidence was found for cumulative effects of risk factors, with increased odds of attempts with increasing number of risk factors. The impact of the cumulative risk conferred by multiple factors would seem to offer a vaiable strategy for reducing risk of suicide attempts as well as other mental health outcomes among adolescents. (61 refs.)