Trends in suicidal ideation-related emergency department visits for youth in Illinois: 2016-2021

BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: Increasing suicide rates and emergency department (ED) mental abstract health visits reflect deteriorating mental health among American youth. ThisĀ  population-based study analyzes trends in ED visits for suicidal ideation (SI) before and during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. METHODS: We analyzed Illinois hospital administrative data for ED visits coded for SI […]

Detecting specialization in interpersonal violence versus suicidal behavior.

Research suggests that interpersonal violence and suicidal behavior often co-occur and share a common set of risk factors. This study examined (1) the extent to which individuals specialize in interpersonal violence or suicidal behavior and (2) the shared and unique covariates of individual specialization. Interventions that address both self- and outward-directed violence must be evidence […]

Teaching Residents and Program Directors About Physician Impairment

Residents are at a higher risk than the general population for the development of stress-related problems, depression, or suicide. The authors describe a curriculum for educating residents & program directors about physician impairment. A resident wellness program was established with the goals of preventing suicide, encouraging acceptance of treatment when appropriate, preventing self-prescribing, & aiding […]

Personality as a Mediator of Demographic Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts in a Community Sample

The study determined whether personality might partially explain associations between sociodemographic factors & self-reported suicide attempts. Data were from a postal survey sent to 912 community residents previously selected at random. In a multiple, logistic-regression analysis constrained to sociodemographic predictors, only young age, female gender, poor self-reported health, & Medicaid status remained as predictors of […]

Police Suicide: we may Never Know the Answer (IN: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

The title of a newspaper article, “We may Never Know the Answer” served as the impetus to search for possible answers to the complex problems of police stress & suicide. 2 incidents in Naperville, Illinois are provided as illustration. This chapter attempts to bring forward some of the reasons for police officer stress, discusses some […]

Attitudes and Beliefs of Adolescents and Parents Regarding Adolescent Suicide

This qualitative study used focus groups to elicit the thoughts of adolescents & parents of adolescents regarding adolescent suicide. 66 adolescents & 30 parents participated in 13 focus groups in Chicago, Illinois & the Kansas City, Kansas area. Both adolescents & parents recognized adolescent suicide as a major problem, but not for their own communities. […]

2007 Illinois Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

This document outlines the suicide prevention plan for Illinois. The goals & objectives of the plan incorporate community education, increasing social support, advocating for a continuum of care for high risk groups, promoting the utilization of suicide prevention services for victims of harassment & violence, increasing awareness of & competency in suicide prevention & treatment […]

Suicide Prevention and Response Protocol Fall 2007


2008 Suicide Prevention Report


2005-2007 Suicide Prevention Report

Comparing Gang and Individual Rapes in a Community Sample of Urban Women

This study compared gang & individual rapes in a large sample of female victims from the comunity. Comparisons of trauma histories (child sexual abuse), assault characteristics (offender violence) & outcomes (sexual acts, physical injuries), & current functioning (posttraumatic stress disorder, lifetime suicide attempts) showed gang rape victims were worse off overall compared with victims of […]

Suicide Prevention: an Analysis and Replication of a Curriculum-Based High School Program

This article highlights some of the concerns about & benefits of curriculum-based suicide prevention programs delivered to students in a high school setting. In addition, it presents information about a specific curriculum-based prevention program & provides evidence the program changed unwanted attitudes about suicide in all the areas targeted for change & reduced adolescents’ reluctance […]

Prevalence and Correlates of Binge Eating Disorder in a Community Sample

This study describes the prevalence & correlates of binge eating disorder as assessed by the Patient Health Questionnaire in a survey of 910 randomly ascertained participants. 60 individuals screened positive for current binge eating disorder with men as likely to screen positive as women. These subjects were at substantially elevated odds for depression, generalized anxiety […]

Utility of Indices of Gun Availability in the Community

This study estimated the degree to which the proportion of firearm homicides & suicides is associated with reported availability of guns across Chicago, Illinois neighbourhoods. The study used data from 837 participants between the ages of 17 & 22, residing in 170 different neighbourhoods. A 10% change in the proportion of firearm homicides in a […]

An Exploratory Analysis of the Contexts and Circumstances of Filicide-Suicide in Chicago, 1965-1994

Five hypotheses were tested for this study, using a database that includes incident-level information on over 22,000 homicides in Chicago during the years 1965-1994. Findings do not support the hypothesis of differential risk of suicide following filicide by genetic parents & stepparents. A replication of previous work indicates: filicides with multiple victims are more likely […]

An Empirically Supported Program to Prevent Suicide in a College Student Population

In the fall of 1984, the University of Illinois instituted a formal program to reduce the rate of suicide among its enrolled students. At the core of the program is a policy requiring any student who threatens or attempts suicide to attend 4 sessions of professional assessment. The consequences for failing to comply include withdrawal […]

Body Electric: the art of Healthy Choices. East-Central Illinois Survey Report 2006

Depression and Suicidal Ideation Among Mexican American School-Aged Children


Deaths in the Cook County Jail: 10-Year Report, 1995-2004

The aims of this study were to describe causes of death during the 10-year period between 1995 and 2004 in a large urban jail in Chicago; to compare disease specific mortality rates between the jail population and the general population; to explore demographic and incarceration characteristics of the inmates who died in the jail by […]

Book Review-Social Forces in Urban Suicide by R W Maris


Effects of Different Explanations of Disordered Behavior on Treatment Referrals

Suicide Assessment & Management: Guidelines for Illinois School Based Health Centers

Detecting Mental Disorder in Juvenile Detainees: who Receives Services