Colorado Violence and Injury Prevention-Mental Health Promotion strategic plan 2016-2020: Creating connected & thriving communities free from violence and injury

The goal of Colorado’s plan is to prevent violence and injury across the state using innovative approaches that are based on the best available evidence. Partners in Colorado work to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors that most impact violence and injury related outcomes at all levels of the social ecology. The socioecological model […]

Community conversations to inform youth suicide prevention: A study of youth suicide in four Colorado counties

Key findings are presented by the study components: Key Informant Interviews, Community Focus Groups, and Additional Reviews.

Suicide in the Mountain West Region of the United States.

Background: The Mountain West region of the United States consistently reports the highest rates of suicide in the country. This pattern could reflect a regional culture-of-suicide script in support of suicide that implicitly influences individual’s behavior. Aims: The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether suicide rates are elevated in the Mountain West across a wide […]

Adolescent suicide in Colorado, 2008-2012.

Suicide is a public health issue of significant concern nationally and in the state of Colorado. Colorado’s suicide rate consistently ranks amongst the highest in the nation (11th in 2011, 17.5 per 100,000).1 The adolescent population is a particularly vulnerable group which is in many ways less understood than adults, and whose suicides rank high […]

2016 Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System Annual Legislative Report

A description of the activities of the Colorado Child Fatality Prevention System, Child Fatality Prevention System State Review Team and local child fatality review teams that occurred in Fiscal Year 2016, as well as recommendations to policymakers as required in statute. Note also: Appendix D: Youth Suicide Fatalities in Colorado, 2010-2014 81-87 View online at […]

Completed suicides in Colorado: Differences between Hispanics and Non-Hispanic whites.


Adolescent Help-Seeking and the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program: an Evaluation

After the introduction of Yellow Ribbon to a Denver-area high school, staff & adolescents were surveyed to determine if help-seeking behaviour had increased. Using a pre-post intervention design, staff at an experimental school & comparison school were surveyed about their experiences with student help-seeking. 146 students at the experimental high school were also surveyed. Staff […]

Identification of Violent Fantasies in Computer-Based Content (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

This chapter suggests that the violent video games written by Eric Harris (one of the Columbine High School shooters) represented an externalization of his mindset. Computer games allow for the creation of individual scenarios & a self-destructive game may be created. Access to these scenarios may prevent suicidal or violent behaviour. They may be profiled […]

Project Safety Net: CSU Final Report: October 1, 2006 – September 30 2009

This report presents the results of an evaluation of 2 gatekeeper trainings: Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) & Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR). Over the 3-year study period, 2453 participants in six Colorado communities received training. Trainees showed improvement from pre-tests to post-tests on suicide prevention knowledge, self-efficacy for suicide prevention, & intentions to inquire […]

Preventing Suicide in Colorado: Progress Achieved & Goals for the Future

This report details the evolution & progress of suicide prevention in Colorado. Although the state’s average annual suicide rate has declined 6.5% since 1998, it still is significantly above the national average. Together with information about progress achieved, the report provides a set of strategic goals & objectives informed by experts & community stakeholders. These […]

Newspaper Coverage of Injuries Affecting the Spanish Surname Population in two Counties in Colorado

The present study assessed newspaper reports of injuries affecting individuals with Spanish surnames & compared newspaper reports to hospital injury discharge data in 2 counties in Colorado. Motor vehicle crashes, assualt & legal intervention, & suicide & suicidal acts were counted. A higher proportion of people with Spanish surnames were reported in newspapers than expected […]

Suicidal Ideation Among Low-Income Women on Family Assistance Programs

The study evaluated prevalence & risk factors associated with suicide ideation in a randomly drawn sample of 2,112 women, aged 18-59 years, & enrolled in family assistance programs. The overall prevalence rate of suicide ideation was not substantially higher than that found in other populations. Emotional difficulties, substance abuse/dependence, physical limitations, having been arrested, & […]

Suicide Risk Among Mexican Farmworkers in the Western Slope of Colorado

This presentation discussed a two-stage project that is assessing the mental health of Mexican migrant farmworkers in western Colorado. The first phase found 17.2% of 100 respondents had suicide ideation, 8.1% made plans about how they would take their life, & 7.1% had attempted suicide. In the second phase of the project, individuals at risk […]

Gatekeepers: Helping to Prevent Suicide in Colorado. An Evaluation Report on the Preventing Suicide in Colorado Initiative


What Prevents Adolescents From Seeking Help After a Suicide Education Program?

Perceived barriers to help-seeking among adolescents attending a suicide education program were examined. A total of 854 high school students in Colorado completed 1 of 2 questionnaires, measuring barriers to help-seeking for self or friend. The most prominent barriers for self were: inability to discuss problems with adults, self-overconfidence, fear of hospitalization, & lack of […]

Does Availability of Mental Health Resources Prevent Recurrent Suicidal Behavior? An Ecological Analysis


Suicide Attempts Associated With Externalizing Psychopathology in an Epidemiological Sample


Firearm-Related Injury Surveillance in Colorado


Cluster Profiles of Multiple Problem Youth: Mental Health Problems Symptoms, Substance use, and Delinquent Conduct

The prevalence & patterns of co-occurring mental health problem symptoms, substance use, & delinquent conduct were examined in a sample of multiple problem, detained youth. 3 distinct patterns of co-occurrence were found using cluster analysis. Youth in 2 of the clusters had moderate mental health problems but differed in the severity of substance abuse & […]

Colorado Link: Teen Suicide Prevention Initiative. Evaluation Report Summary

In 2000, The Colorado Trust funded the pilot demonstration & evaluation of a youth suicide prevention project in Denver that provided education, screening & treatment amongst diverse youth populations, known as the Colorado LINK Teen Suicide Prevention Project. Its goals were to: 1) mobilize youth-serving settings around suicide prevention; 2) increase access to mental health […]

Understanding Suicide in Colorado

The theme of this Conference was “Injuries, Suicide & Violence: Building Knowledge, Policies & Practices to Promote a Safer World”

Preventing Teen Suicide in Colorado

The theme of this Conference was “Injuries, Suicide & Violence: Building Knowledge, Policies & Practices to Promote a Safer World”

School-Based Suicide Education Programs: Program Effect on Hopelessness Reporting by Teens Through age and Gender Related Evaluation

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh