Assessing the social validity of a multi-modal school-based suicide prevention intervention: A scoping study

Aims: This scoping study aimed to interview school staff, secondary school students, parents, and mental health professionals in Merseyside to determine the social validity of the MAPSS programme, and to identify any¬† necessary adaptations that should be made before it can be trialled, initially in Northwest England, and eventually in the whole of the UK. […]

The Association Between Bullying and Early Stages of Suicidal Ideation in Late Adolescents in Greece

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Men and Depression

The authors present a series of questions & answers about depression in men, including: what is depression? are men’s symptoms different than women’s? how would a man describe his depression? why does depression seem to be different in men? how long do men usually suffer from depression? why do men not get help? are men […]

Suicide Risk in Schizophrenia – a Follow-Up Study After 20 Years. Part 2: Symptomatology and Pharmacotherapy

Suicide risk was reevaluated in a group of patients with schizophrenia who were considered to be at high risk 20 years previously. Symptomatology & pharmacotherapy were investigated. Subjects were interviewed & a questionnaire evaluating suicide risk was completed along with other scales. Psychological autopsies were performed for 3 subjects who had died by suicide. 14 […]

A Proposed Approach to Suicide Prevention in Japan: the use of Self-Perceived Symptoms as Indicators of Depression and Suicidal Ideation

The Japanese government established the goal of reducing the annual number of suicides to 22,000 by 2010; towards this end, several programs have been proposed. However, the number of suicides has not declined over the past 10 years. Achieiving the goal in the remaining years will require extensive & consistent campaigns dealing with the issues […]

Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Schizophrenia

Factors affecting suicidal ideas in 120 Turkish patients with schizophrenia were evaluated in terms of socio-demographic & clinical properties. All patients were evaluated with a number of questionnaires, including the Reasons for Living Inventory, the Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia, & the Positive & Negative Syndromes Scale. 31.6% of the patients had suicide ideation. Negative […]

A Cross-Sectional Study of Co-Occurring Suicidal and Psychotic Symptoms in Inpatients at Mathari Psychiatric Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

The prevalence of suicidal symptoms & their co-occurrence with psychotic symptoms in patients at the Mathari Psychiatric Hospital in Nairobi were investigated. A descriptive cross-sectional study was done in June 2004. Data on sociodemographic characteristics & clinical diagnoses of inpatients were extracted from their clinical notes. A total of 691 patients were interviewed; 308 had […]

Prediction and Prevention of Suicide in Bipolar Disorders

The recognition & correct treatment of bipolar disorders is particularly important since untreated bipolar disorder carries an extremely high risk of both suicide attempts & deaths. Considering the clinically explorable suicide risk factors in bipolar disorders, suicidal behaviour in the majority of cases is predictable. There is also evidence that long-term treatment of bipolar patients […]

The Relation of Self-Hatred and Suicidality in People With Schizophrenia-Spectrum Symptoms

Schizophrenia may impart to self-concept a quality of self-hatred that encourages suicidality in people with schizophrenia. If so, an index of self-hatred should be more correlated with suicidality among people with schizophrenia-spectrum symptoms than among people with fewer such symptoms. 2 studies evaluated this possibility. In Study 1 of 243 suicidal outpatients affiliated with the […]

Suicidal Ideation in Patients With Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

The demographic & clinical correlates of current suicide ideation were examined in 44 Turkish patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Following Bonferroni correction, only the severity of depression differed significantly between patients with & patients without current suicide ideation. The presence of major depression, aggressive obsessions, the level of hopelessness, & the severity of obsessive-compulsive symptomatology were […]

Initial Depressive Episodes Affect the Risk of Suicide Attempts in Korean Patients With Bipolar Disorder

Medical records of 570 Korean patients with bipolar disorder were retrospectively reviewed to detect significant clinical characteristics associated with suicide attempts. Demographic characteristics & clinical features between patients with & without bipolar disorder were compared using an analysis of covariance & chi-square tests. Logistic regression was performed to evaluate significant risk factors associated with suicide […]

Outcome of Patients With Major Depressive Disorder After Serious Suicide Attempt

The outcome of individuals with major depressive disorder after a serious suicide attempt was studied & the effect of psychotic symptoms on their outcome examined. The study population included all 1,820 persons aged 16 years or older in Finland who were hospitalized with major depressive disorder & attempted suicide from 1996-2003. During the 4-year follow-up […]

Mental and Somatic Symptoms Related to Suicidal Ideation in Patients Visiting a Psychosomatic Clinic in Japan

A questionnaire-based interview elicited details concerning mental & somatic symptoms in patients visiting a psychosomatic clinic in Japan. Univariate logistic regression analyses followed by multiple regression models using a stepwise method were selected for identifying the candidate symptoms. Overall, symptoms related to depression were associated with suicide ideation in both genders. Although women showed more […]

Atypical Depression is Associated With Suicide Attempt in Bipolar Disorder

The association between suicide attempt & atypical depression, in addition to other major risk factors, was evaluated in 390 bipolar I & II Spanish outpatients. History of suicide attempts was obtained through interviews with patients & relatives. Attempters & non-attempters were compared using univariate & multivariate analysis. Attempters showed significantly higher rates of atypical depression, […]

Suicide in Severe Depression Related to Treatment: Depressive Characteristics and Rate of Antidepressant Overdose

This study assessed the association between depressive characteristics & completed suicide despite adequate antidepressant therapy in severe depression & investigated the frequency of lethal antidepressant overdoses. A record evaluation was performed of 98 suicide victims with a primary severe depression & admitted to the Department of Psychiatry, Lund University Hospital between 1956-1969. Follow-up continued to […]

Factors Associated With Parent-Reported Suicide Threats by Children and Adolescents With Community-Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder

Parents completed the Child Bipolar Questionnaire via a secure, Internet-based acquisition system. In multivariate modelling analysis, with age & gender as covariates, Questionnaire items that were most closely correlated with parent-reported suicide threat were identified. The strength of this multifactor association was then examined among subjects reported to have a community diagnosis of bipolar disorder […]

Heterogeneity of Borderline Personality Disorder: do the Number of Criteria met Make a Difference?

The authors examined whether the severity of borderline personality disorder, as measured by the number of criteria present, is associated with comorbidity of Axis I & Axis II diagnoses, as well as demographic factors & psychosocial functioning. 2300 psychiatric outpatients were interviewed. Approximately 10% of the patients were diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. There were […]

Reduced Suicidal Ideation in Bipolar I Disorder Mixed-Episode Patients in a Placebo-Controlled Trial of Olanzapine Combined With Lithium or Divalproex

Symptoms associated with suicidality in bipolar I patients were identified & suicide risk during treatment with olanzapine in combination with lithium or divalproex was assessed. Data were used from a previous study in which patients with bipolar I manic or mixed-episode who were partially responsive to at least 2 weeks of lithium or divalproex monotherapy […]

Attempted Suicide and Self-Injury in Patients Diagnosed With Eating Disorders

This study investigated factors associated with suicidal behaviour in eating disorder patients. 150 patients at an outpatient clinic were included & data were gathered by retrospective chart analysis. 48 patients had a history of parasuicide. A significantly greater percentage of parasuicidal patients than nonparasuicidal patients had eating disorders with bingeing/purging symptomatology, used more than one […]

An Examination of DSM-IV Borderline Personality Disorder Symptoms and Risk for Death by Suicide: a Psychological Autopsy Study


Suicidal Ideation and Time Perspective in High School Students


Grief and Bereavement: What Psychatrists Need to Know


Clinical Improvements of Suicidal Outpatients: Examining Suicide Status Form Responses as Predictors and Moderators