Year: 2009 Source: South African Journal of Psychiatry, v.15, no.4, (December 2009), p.79-85 SIEC No: 20100224

Suicide risk was reevaluated in a group of patients with schizophrenia who were considered to be at high risk 20 years previously. Symptomatology & pharmacotherapy were investigated. Subjects were interviewed & a questionnaire evaluating suicide risk was completed along with other scales. Psychological autopsies were performed for 3 subjects who had died by suicide. 14 of the original 33 patients were traced. Among living subjects, hopelessness & depressive symptoms correlated with independently evaluated suicide risk. Social withdrawal, blunting of affect & delusions were also associated with elevated risk. Good insight into illness & a history of previous suicide attempts coincided with high suicide risk. Formal thought disorder, avolition, & cognitive impairment were associated with a lower risk of suicide. (34 refs.)

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