Reaching Suicidal People With Media Campaigns: new Challenges for a new Century

Five variables were investigated in the evaluation of Suicide Prevention Weeks held in 1999, 2000, & 2001 in Quebec: exposure to the campaign, previous suicide ideation, knowledge, attitudes, & intentions. After the 2000 campaign, a telephone survey conducted with a representative sample of 1,020 men revealed that only those actually exposed to the campaign had […]

Suicide Prevention Week Information and Media kit. “Partnerships for Change: Advancing Suicide Prevention Services and Practice”

Promotion of Life and Suicide Prevention Week in the Outaouais February 1st to 13th, 2004


Suicide Basics: Prevention (IN: Macmillan Encyclopedia of Death and Dying, vol.2: L-Z, ed. by R Kastenbaum)

The author discusses the various aims, techniques & challenges of suicide prevention, both in primary & secondary contexts. The role of social interventions are also discussed. (10 refs)

Working Together to Save Lives: Suicide Prevention Week Information and Media kit. September 5-11, 2004

This kit includes information for National Suicide Prevention Week & World Suicide Prevention Day participants to use in order to interact with & educate the media on the issue of suicide. Also in this packet are up-to-date journal articles & recent developments in research about suicide prevention, for use in media campaigns or in-house information […]

Suicide Risk Across Society: Suicide Prevention Week, May 6-12, 2001

The theme of Suicide Prevention Week 2001 was suicide risk across society with a particular focus on groups who have traditionally been neglected. This kit includes materials that provide information on how suicide risk can be decreased by educating the public, media, & health professionals about suicide. Some articles from “Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior” & […]

Sharpening the Focus of Suicide Prevention: National Suicide Prevention Week, May 7-13, 2000

Suicide Prevention Week 2000: May 14th – 21st. Teamwork is the key to Suicide Prevention!

These are the records of a youth suicide conference in Australia on July 1990. It was the result of a project funded by the Criminal Research Council of Camberra. In the table included, from 1970 to 1980, of the 29 major countries listed, 12 had a total suicide rate increase of over 20%. 17 countries […]

Suicide Across the Life Span: Suicide is Preventable. National Suicide Prevention Week – May 4-10, 1998

The theme of the 1998 National Suicide Prevention Week was suicide prevention across the life span. This kit contains fact sheets about suicide in the United States and suggests activities for community agencies.

“Changing the Legacy of Suicide”. Suicide Prevention Week – May 4-10, 1997

This media information kit is aimed at assisting suicide prevention agencies in promoting Suicide Prevention Week in the U.S. The kit includes a sample press release, publicity ideas, media guidelines & fact sheets on youth & elderly suicide.

Safe Homes… Safe Communities. Suicide Prevention Week, May 6-11, 1996

The theme for Suicide Prevention Week 1996 reflects the strategy of restricting access to common lethal means of suicide within the home & the community. Considerable emphasis is placed on gun control. This information kit provides background information, fact sheets on suicide in the USA (1992 Official Data), a list of references of publications on […]

Stop the Whispers! Suicidal Persons can be Helped. Suicide Prevention Week, May 7-13, 1995

In conjunction with Suicide Prevention Week, members of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) are encouraged to speak out about the causes of suicide & methods of early detection, treatment, & dealing with the aftermath of suicide. This information kit includes handouts, statistics, USA 1992 Official Suicide Data, press releases, publicity ideas, a sample public […]

Suicide Awareness Weeks: the Outcomes

Help Save a Life: Support Stronger Handgun Legislation. Suicide Prevention Week: May 1 – 7, 1994

This advance information kit included fact sheets on suicide & gun availability, handouts, statistics, suggested press releases, publicity ideas, & 1991 Official Final Data for USA Suicides. Copies of two articles included in the kit: “Guns & suicide: Possible Effects of Some Specific Legislation,” by Rich et al (SIEC AN 900894) & “Effects of Restrictive […]

Suicide Prevention: Talking Helps: Know When to Call – Know who to Call. Suicide Prevention Week, May 2-8, 1993

This information kit is intended to assist agencies in focussing national & community attention on the prevention of suicide. It includes fact sheets, myth sheets, & hand-outs that may be copied for presentations, press releases, information on working with the media, new facts, new sources of current information, & camera-ready graphics. Key points to developing […]

Initiatives for 1993: “National Suicide Prevention Week”

This information was gathered from Australia’s “National Suicide Prevention Week” and focuses primarily on the National Youth Foundation for suicide prevention.

The Aftermath of Suicide

This package contains a number of pamphlets & information sheets on support for family, friends & care providers of suicide victims, as well as on how to work with the media. Items like a sample press release & radio or t.v. announcement are also outlined, & tips for helping suicidal persons, including pre-crisis planning & […]

Suicide Awareness Weeks: the Outcomes

This study examined the effect of Suicide Awareness Week (March 1991) on the frequency of both suicide-related calls to crisis lines & admissions to emergency rooms of hospitals for parasuicidal behaviour. In both data sets, an increase in suicidal behaviour was detected. One possible explanation of such changes is that the week may have had […]

Suicide Awareness Weeks: the Outcomes

The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of the 1991 Suicide Awareness Week on the frequency of suicide-related calls to crisis lines as well as admissions to hospital emergency rooms for parasuicidal behaviour. In both data sets an increase in suicidal behaviour was detected either during Suicide Awareness Week or in the […]

Suicide Prevention Week

Media materials from the American Association of Suicidology provided for use during Suicide Prevention Week, May 5-11/85.