Year: 2000 Source: London, ON: Ontario Suicide Prevention Network, 2000. 20p. + 1 pamphlet SIEC No: 20000384

These are the records of a youth suicide conference in Australia on July 1990. It was the result of a project funded by the Criminal Research Council of Camberra. In the table included, from 1970 to 1980, of the 29 major countries listed, 12 had a total suicide rate increase of over 20%. 17 countries had a similar increase for youth suicide rates. The highest were Norway (+47.6 total/+224.3 youth), Thailand (+76.2 total), Switzerland (+80.0 youth) & Spain (+92 youth.) Some rates went down, according to the chart. Major countries in which the rates went down by 1980 were: Australia (-11.2), Japan (-3.8 youth), West Germany (-1.9/ -6.7 youth), and Sweden (-13 total/-13.5). There also was a graph illustrating the Suicide the Suicide Rate per 100,000 Population in Australia 1891-1986. This graph shows the trend in suicide over the years for both males & females. Several factors for the introducing numbers of completed suicides by youths in Australia are listed & discussed. Factors include, crime, mental health issues& a matter of “Citezen Rights of the Young & Experimental Autonomy,” (McKillop, S 1990).