Suicide in the Soviet Gulag Camps

Based upon literary evidence from survivors of the Soviet Gulag camps & published documents, the authors present reports of attempted & completed suicide, along with a discussion of whether suicide in Gulag camps was a frequent or rare behaviour. Similar to reports from the Nazi concentration camps during World War II, the existence of dying […]

A Communist, a Patriot, a Soldier

This article describes the political career of former Soviet Union Marshal, Sergei Akhromeyev. Akhromeyev committed suicide, & the author of this article attributes his death to the crumble of the U.S.S.R. Akhromeyev was a staunch communist, & he was deeply disappointed by the Soviet Union’s demise. (VM)

Telephone Emergency Psychological Help in the Union of Sovereign States: a Project

This article describes crisis telephone services in the former U.S.S.R., which need to be expanded because of the disintegration of the country & the tough economic times. The author outlines the history of crisis lines in the U.S.S.R., & the theoretical, organizational, & methodological aspects of a proposed project. He recommends studies of foreign experiences […]

Vladimir Kovalevskii

This article provides a biography of the Russian scientist, Vladimir Kovlaevskii (1842-1883). Vladimir married Sofia Korvin-Krukovskaia. She became the 1st woman in the world to receive a doctorate in mathematics. Despite their education, they had diffuculty finding jobs. They became bankrupt, & had to sell their possessions. All this left Vladimir distraught, withdrawn, & sometimes […]

Sergei Esenin

This article describes the life & suicide of Russian poet, Sergei Esenin. As a young adult, he displayed signs of alcoholism & depression. He married 3 times & had children from 2 relationships. He married American dancer, Isadora Duncan, but she received more attention for her work than he did, & Sergei became increasingly violent […]

Suicide and Suicidology in the Soviet Union

The study was done to obtain information on suicide in the Soviet Union. Studies in Soviet psychiatric journals were analyzed & supplemented with interviews of Soviet psychiatrists now living abroad. Results show suicide is a growing concern & that suicide rates may be rising in certain parts of the country leading to expanded prevention programs […]

Sleep Deprivation in the Treatment of Chronic Depressive States

18 manic-depressives were given antidepressants during sleep deprivation. Results show that improvement was gradual, usually occuring between 9:00 a.m. & 12 noon. Patients showed a reduction in depressive symptoms including a disappearance of suicidal tendencies. 7 subjects were cured while 11 showed a regression to their former state. (MRE)

Self Mutilation in Soviet Prisons

The author presents personal observations of inmates who self-mutilated in Soviet Prisons. The author argues that self-mutilation may be a desperate form of communication directed at the authorities or world in general. Possible motives for self-mutilating behavior, such as escape from intolerable work or detainment conditions, are included. Relationships between type of behavior & type […]

Clinical and Pathological Features of Late Forms of Manic-Depressive Psychosis

Examined 41 men & 14 women (45-60yrs) with cyclical depression & compared the disease manifestation with that of 28 younger patients. An experimental psychological study of Ss’ emotional & volatile states was also conducted. Questions asked include; perceptions of illness, personality traits, emotional states, word association tests. The clinical picture of cyclical depression in younger […]