Suicide and Culture: Island Views

Suicide research, claims White, may produce insights useful in understanding other social problems like alcohol abuse, violence, & mental disorders. He views suicide as a social event shaped in complex ways by culture–by shared beliefs & practices which give meaning to social life. In this chapter the author examines the effect of social change on […]

Rural Health Issues Study and Statewide Suicide Evaluation Project


Book Review-“Sociologie des Maladies Mentales en Nouvelle Caledonia (Approche Statistque) 1965-1977, by G Zeldine

This brief review discusses a report on the sociology of mental illness in New Caledonia, a French island in the South Pacific. A table of admission rates for the main ethnic groups & diagnostic categories is presented. New Caledonia is said to be of particular interest for transcultural psychiatry due to rapid socioeconomic change & […]