It’s our time: Role models.

Pursuing post-secondary education plans for college or university may require financial assistance. Potential applicants for such help should be aware of what is available and how to go about taking advantage of programs,awards and scholarships. This Plain Talk also explores the concept of Role Models, with brief biographies of First Nations Role Models.

Suicide movies: social patterns 1900-2009.


Social Modeling in the Transmission of Suicidality


Suicidal Behavior: A Developmental Perspective


Impact of Modeling on Adolescent Suicidal Behavior


Familial Transmission of Suicidal Behavior: Factors Mediating the Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Offspring Suicide Attempts

The relationship between reported childhood abuse & the familial transmission of suicidal behaviour & related risk factors was studied. 507 offspring of 271 parent probands with major depressive disorder were compared according to reported childhood abuse history on demographic, diagnostic, & clinical variables related to risk for suicidal behaviour. Reported childhood sexual abuse, but not […]

Factors Associated With Suicidal Phenomena in Adolescents: a Systematic Review of Population-Based Studies

The authors report the results of a systematic review of the international literature on population-based studies of factors associated with suicidal phenomena in adolescents. The quantity of evidence in support of associations between suicidal phenomena & specific factors is compared with the quantity of evidence against such associations. The authors conclude with a summary of […]

The Epidemiology of Parent Suicide

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Exposure to Suicide Among Adults, United States, 1994

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

History of Family Suicide Behaviors and Negative Problem Solving in Multiple Suicide Attempters

This study examined the relationship between family history of suicide, negative problem solving orientation & suicide attempt status (multiple suicide attempters versus single suicide attempters). Attempters with a family history of suicide were found to be more likely to have multiple attempts when compared to attempters who did not have such a family history. This […]

An Extension and Test of Sutherland’s Concept of Differential Social Organization: the Geographical Clustering of Japanese Suicide and Homicide Rates

Surviving Multiple Suicides

Intergenerational Substance Abuse and Domestic Violence as Familial Risk Factors for Lifetime Attempted Suicide Among Battered Women

This study examines the impact of intergenerational substance abuse & exposure to domestic violence on the lifetime attempted suicide history of adult, minority, battered women residing in a domestic violence shelter. Results revealed that battered women with a history of suicide attempts were more likely to report substance abuse among both first-degree & second-degree relatives […]

Suicidal Tendencies in the Lapp Population

This paper resulted from the Symposium on Psychiatric Epidemiology & Suicidology Among Children & Adults in the far North, Oulu, Finland, June 10-12, 1980.

Trends in Youth Suicide in Tasmania: a Comparison Between Youth and Other Suicide (IN: Preventing Youth Suicide: Proceedings of a Conference Held 24-26 July 1990, edited by S McKillop)


Suicidality in Parentally Bereaved Adolescents

The effects on suicidality of exposure to suicidal behaviour in other people, depression, parent perceptions, & attitudes about life & death were examined in a sample of 25 parentally bereaved teens. These adolescents were not clinically depressed, did not express serious levels of suicidal ideation, & had relatively minor histories of suicidality. However, significant relationships […]

Suicidal Behavior Among Homeless and Runaway Adolescents

This study examined risk factors associated with suicidal ideation & the likelihood of a suicide attempt in a sample of 297 homeless & runaway youth. Results indicated that sexual abuse by a family member, knowing a friend who attempted suicide, drug abuse & internalization were highly related to suicidal ideation. In the absence of suicidal […]

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women & Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood


Media Impacts on Suicide (IN: Current Concepts of Suicide, edited by D Lester)

In 1974, Phillips proposed a suggestion-imitation model of suicide. This chapter reviews the recent work on the imitation model. Discussion on real versus fictional suicides, audience identification with the suicide victim, & the effect of the mood of the audience is presented. A brief discussion of research on the pre-television period is also included. Stack […]

Suicide Among Female Adolescents: Characteristics and Comparison With Males in the age Group 13 to 22 Years

A psychological autopsy study was used to characterize 19 female suicides in a Finnish youth suicide population & to compare them with male suicides. 68% of the female victims had suffered from a mood disorder & 73% had communicated their suicidal intent. 47% of the females had been in psychiatric care at some point in […]

Adolescents and Heavy Metal Music: From the Mouths of Metalheads

The attitudes/characteristics of adolescent males who like heavy metal music were studied. 179 White males from suburban Atlanta were interviewed. Subjects who liked heavy metal often listened to it while angry; they felt it relieved their anger & made them feel better. Others said that listening induced a positive mood. None expressed feelings of sadness/hopelessness. […]

I am Wonderful: a Self-Esteem Development Workbook

This workbook (see SIEC #950868 for the instructor’s manual) is a series of 42 activities designed to increase self-respect & to develop a greater appreciation of cultural & ethnic diversity. The workbook is designed to promote self-esteem among young people. Youth are encouraged to consider the consequences of their behaviour & to explore alternatives. Topics […]

Kurt Cobain’s Suicide and the “Great Depression” of Youth

This editorial discusses the suicide of Kurt Cobain and how it is representative of depression in today’s youth. What is being shown on television and is popular in music can reveal what is influencing youth. Tonkin asks what is the prevalent attitude of the ’90s – Prozac and unemployment? With this in mind, it is […]