International comparison of death place for suicide: A population-level eight country death certificate study.


Who are the Owners of Firearms Used in Adolescent Suicides?

The source of firearms used in adolescent suicides was examined using data from the National Violent Injury Statistics System. Data represent the 63 firearms suicides among youth, less than 18 years of age, that occurred in 2001 or 2002 in 1 of 4 states (Connecticut, Maine, Utah, Wisconsin) or 2 metropolitan counties (San Francisco, California; […]

Case Series of Completed Suicides by Burning Over a 13-Year Period

The death records of the King County Medical Examiner’s Office in Washington State from 1996-2009 were examined. 25 cases of suicide by burning were identified & used to characterize decedent demographics, circumstances of death, & motivating factors. Compared to other methods of suicide, burning demonstrated a significant overrepresentation of decedents who were women, 40-59 years […]

A Prospective Study of Suicidal Behaviour in Sundarban Delta, West Bengal, India

A year-long prospective study of all patients admitted for deliberate self-harm at 13 block primary health centres of the Sundarban region was done to examine the sociodemographic profile & clinical outcome of suicidal behaviour. A total of 1614 self-harm subjects were admitted during the year; 143 died. Although women, especially in the younger age groups, […]

The Bridge


Analyses of Suicidal Deaths With Shotguns in Istanbul, 1998-2007

This study examined firearm suicides in Istanbul, occuring during 1998-2007. 36,971 autopsy reports were retrospectively reviewed. 73 suicides by shotgun were evaluated. 46 victims were male & 27 were female. Most victims were between 16-20 years. The majority of suicides occurred in the home & a suicide note was recovered in 7 cases. Ethyl alcohol […]

Suicide Prevention on the Golden Gate Bridge


Disentangling the Person and the Place as Explanations for Regional Differences in Suicide

The suicides of a region’s residents were compared with people who were temporarily visiting the region. Using American death records from 1973-2004, the focus was on states with highest & lowest suicide rates over the study period. In the high suicide region, visitors to & residents away from the region both had elevated suicide rates, […]

Suicide Amongst Psychiatric In-Patients who Abscond From the Ward: a National Clinical Survey

This study describes the social & clinical characteristics of people who had absconded from an inpatient psychiatric ward prior to suicide, including aspects of the clinical care they received. A national clinical survey based on a 10-year (1997-2006) sample of people in England & Wales who died by suicide was done. 469 patients died after […]

Strategies to Prevent Suicide Should Target Methods That are Commonly Used, Highly Lethal, and Readily Accessible

In this editorial, the authors discuss a study by Sinyor et al (2010) which described the apparent failure of the Bloor Street Viaduct in Toronto to reduce suicide by jumping. Limitations of their findings are reviewed. Substitution of methods is also discussed. A brief discussion of the efficacy of means restriction, especially among children & […]

Suicides by Jumping From Iconic Bridges in Hong Kong

This retrospective record-based study examined suicides by jumping from 3 iconic bridges in Hong Kong & explored possible prevention strategies. The majority of suicide victims were male, middle-aged, married or cohabiting, not living alone, employed or self-employed, & in financial difficulty. None of these cases had a reported psychiatric diagnosis or psychiatric care history, & […]

Suicide From the Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge is the number one suicide site in the world. In this clinical case conference, the authors begin by presenting vignettes to capture the diversity of bridge suicide. They then examine the demographic characteristics of those who die by suicide from the bridge as well as the fatal attraction of the Golden […]

Suicide Tourism in Manhattan, New York City, 1990-2004

Data was collected on all suicides in New York City between 1990-2004. Trends & correlates of out-of-town residents who died by suicide in New York City were examined. Manhattan accounted for 274 of the 407 nonresident suicides, which represented over 10% of all suicides in Manhattan. The most common locations included hotels & commercial buildings. […]

A Survey of Suicide by Burning in Tehran, Iran

The characteristics of suicide by burning in Tehran were analyzed using data from 2002-2006. 374 cases were identified. The group at highest risk was young females. 65 of the victims died at the scene of the incident. The location of the suicide was home for all female victims & 75.4% of male victims. 61% of […]

Factors Associated With Failed and Completed Railway Suicides

This study assessed the proportion of survivors of railway suicide & compared survivors & decedents in terms of personal characteristics & temporal patterns to identify potential differences. A total of 5731 suicide victims listed in the German central railway registry of person accidents over the period 1997-2002 & satisfying an operational definition of suicidal behaviour […]

Gender, Place, and Method of Suicide

This study investigated whether women use less lethal methods of suicide than men & determined whether place of suicide influences method of suicide. Data on suicides in Riverside County, 1998-2001, were derived from death certificates. Women were over 73% less likely to use firearms than men. There were no gender differentials in hanging but females […]

Suicide in the North West: a Review of Non-Residential and Outdoor Suicide Locations

To help support an effective regional response in the northwest region of the United Kingdom, the North West Public Health Observatory was commissioned to analyse non-residential suicide locations. This report discusses suicide locations with multiple events & prevention strategies. The research methodology is described. Results are discussed in terms of suicides & open verdicts & […]

Police Suicide: Assessing the Needs of the Survivors (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

This article discusses the results of a study conducted by Survivors of Law Enforcement Suicide (SOLES) & makes recommendations to prevent or reduce survivor trauma based on that study. The trauma that survivors experience may stem from seeing horrifying sights at the scene of the suicide, being improperly notified, hearing about department speculation, or feeling […]

Homicide and Suicide Risks Associated With Firearms in the Home: a National Case-Control Study

The hypothesis that having a gun in the home is a risk factor for adults to be killed or to kill themselves was tested. Two case-control analyses were based on American samples of subjects 18 years of age & older. 10 living matched controls for each case subject were drawn from the 1994 National Health […]

A Study on Psycho-Social Factors Related to Children’s Suicide

This study examined suicide in Iranian children, aged 6-15 years. 292 children & adolescents who attempted suicide between 2005-2008 were enrolled in the study. The Children Suicide Questionnaire was applied. The percentage of girls who attempted suicide was 81.8% compared to 18.2% for boys. Most were between 12 & 14 years of age. 43.8% were […]

Elderly Suicide: an Analysis of Coroner’s Inquests Into two Hundred Cases in Cheshire 1989 – 2001

This study examined coroner’s inquest records of 200 elderly people in Cheshire who died by suicide. Sociodemographic characteristics, clinical aspects of the suicidal process, & health care contact before death are reviewed. Findings are interpreted & compared to the currently available literature on elderly suicide. Later life suicide is characterised by less warning, higher lethality, […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy Implementation Plan 2010-2015: Whole of Government Approach

This document outlines how the strategic directions of the 2010-2015 New South Wales suicide prevention strategy will be accomplished. The objectives, actions, activities, timeframe, & lead agency for each of the 6 strategic directions are detailed.

Autopsy Findings of Suicidal Deaths Committed by Firearms in Ankara, Turkey

This study examined autopsy findings from suicides in Ankara, Turkey in which firearms were used. Results were compared to those from other studies. 115 cases were male, the ratio of male to female suicides was 5:1 & the mean age was 31.96 years. 40 cases were between 12 & 20 years of age. Gunshot-related crimes […]