Anti-transgender rights legislation and internet searches pertaining to depression and suicide

The purpose of this study was to examine whether anti-transgender rights legislation among state legislators is associated with increased suicide- and depression-related Internet searches. Employing a quasi-experimental non-equivalent control group design, we focused on bills that were introduced to state legislatures from July 2019 to July 2020. As our panel is constructed of 51 states/territories […]

Decriminalising suicide: Saving lives, reducing stigma

This report is designed as a tool for campaigners and advocates seeking to decriminalise suicide. Today there is an historic opportunity to press for such reform in light of commitments by countries around the world to achieving the 17 SDGs, along with the targets of the WHO Mental Health Action Plan, and for most countries, […]

Suicide, firearms, and legislation: A review of the Canadian evidence

Suicide accounts for approximately 4000 deaths a year in Canada, of which about 16% of those are suicide using a firearm. Canada has undertaken legislative efforts to regulate and control firearms, Bill C-51 in 1977 and Bills C-17 and C-68 in 1991 and 1995. Regulatory approaches that decrease the availability of firearms are hypothesized to […]

Bill C-7. An Act to amend the Criminal Code (medical assistance in dying)

SUMMARY This enactment amends the Criminal Code to, among other things, (a) repeal the provision that requires a person’s natural death be reasonably foreseeable in order for them to be eligible for medical assistance in dying; (b) specify that persons whose sole underlying medical condition is a mental illness are not eligible for medical assistance […]

Effect of firearms legislation on suicide and homicide in Canada from 1981 to 2016

Canada implemented a series of laws regulating firearms including background and psychological screening, licensing, and training in the years 1991, 1994, and 2001. The effects of this legislation on suicide and homicide rates were examined over the years 1981 to 2016. Models were constructed using difference-in-difference analysis of firearms and non firearms death rates from […]

House of Commons of Canada Bill C-593. An Act Respecting a National Strategy for Suicide Prevention

This document contains the wording of an enactment that establishes a requirement for the Government of Canada to develop a national strategy for suicide prevention in consultation with the ministers responsible for the delivery of health services in each province & territory & the national representative organizations of the First Nations, Inuit, & Metis peoples. […]

Using Civil law Occupational Death Procedures in Police Suicide Reporting (In: Suicide and Law Enforcement, edited by D C Sheehan & J I Warren)

Both state & federal civil law require mandatory procedures in the event of occupational death. Any deviation from these procedures can result in civil monetary penalties & criminal charges. Statutory law & recent case law provide the legal foundation for development of mandatory police suicide reporting procedures. Using the occupational death reporting procedures outlined by […]

Patriarchy on Trial: Suicide, Discipline, and Governance in Imperial Russia

Focussing on the nineteenth century, this article will show how the crime of instigating suicide emerged as part of an (inadequate) effort to correct the abuses of serfdom in Russia, but would, by the 1860s, become a (likewise inadquate) tool to regulate familial relations – specifically, the abuse of wives & children. In both periods, […]

Firearms Regulation and Declining Rates of Male Suicide in Quebec

This study examined whether significant changes in method-specific male suicide rates occurred in Quebec after stronger firearms regulations were introduced in Canada in 1991; ascertained whether more stringent regulations influence firearms & total suicide trends among men; & determined whether different results are obtained according to the statistical methods used. The Joinpoint regression models suggest […]

Firearm-Assisted Suicide: Legislative, Policing and Clinical Concerns

In 2004, the Irish High Court ruled police policy restricting access to firearms was without legislative backing. Since then the police began to issue certificates for firearms where the applicant is not disentitled under law from possessing a gun. Set against this backdrop, this paper explores the consequences of liberal gun regimes in the context […]

Co-Proxamol Withdrawal has Reduced Suicide From Drugs in Scotland

This study examined what effect the withdrawal of co-proxamol from the United Kingdom market had on mortality from poisoning in Scotland. A retrospective, observational study of mortality due to poisoning by single agents was done for the period 2000-2006. A significant reduction in the proportion of poisoning deaths due to co-proxamol was observed following legislation. […]

Relationship Between Vehicle Emissions Laws and Incidence of Suicide by Motor Vehicle Exhaust gas in Australia, 2001-06: an Ecological Analysis

This ecological study tested the relationship between Australian legislation passed in 1986 & 1999 to reduce motor vehicle carbon monoxide emissions & suicide rates. Data on motor vehicle exhaust suicides from 2001-2006 were merged with data on the number & age of vehicles in the national fleet as well as sociodemographic data from the national […]

Suicide by Gunshot in the United Kingdom: a Review of the Literature

This paper reviews the literature on gunshot suicide in the United Kingdom & the international literature with reference to prevention strategies. Trends in gun ownership & changes in firearm legislation in the United Kingdom over the previous 20 years are described. Over the past 20 years, the number of gunshot suicides in the United Kingdom […]

Criminalizing Suicide Attempts: can it be a Deterrent?

Suicidal behaviour constitutes a serious public as well as mental health problem all over the world. Many developed countries have done away with the legal provision of punishing attempted suicides. However, in India this continues to be a punishable offence under the Indian Penal Code (1833). This review discusses the various issues related to criminalizing […]

State Firearm Laws and Rates of Suicide in men and Women

A cross-sectional design was used to evaluate the associations of state laws restricting firearms & rates of suicide in men & women. In the analysis of women, compared to states with restrictive firearm laws, there were higher suicide incidence rate ratios in states with modest & unrestrictive laws. The analysis of men showed comparable results. […]

Gun Control and Suicide: the Impact of State Firearm Regulations, 1995-2004 (Development Research Working Paper Series No.17/2009)

This study examines the relationship between state firearm regulations & suicide among American males, using negative binomial regression & state panel data for 1995-2004. Results suggest firearms regulations which function to reduce overall gun availability have a significant deterrent effect on suicide, while prohibited persons categories have less of an effect. Overall, results suggest gun […]

The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Suicide Prevention Program

The Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act has provided funding for 68 state, territory, & tribal community grants, & 74 college campus grants for suicide prevention efforts. Activities have included education, training programs (including gatekeeper training), screening activities, infrastructure for improved linkages to services, crisis hotlines, & community partnerships. Through participation in both local- & cross-site […]

EMS, Suicide, and the Out-of-Hospital DNR Order


The Final log off for Suicide Sites

This article discusses the difficulties asssociated with trying to ban websites that put vulnerable people at risk of attempting suicide. Efforts in England to address this situation through changes in law are reviewed.

Lessons for Mental Health Care in Scotland

This report examines the details of individual cases of suicide & homicide by people with mental illness, asking: how many cases are there? what are the common themes? can we learn from them about risk & how to reduce it? Over the study period, there were around 5,000 suicides & around 500 homicides in Scotland. […]

Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Preventin Act of 2007

The Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act mandates that Veterans Affairs (United States) create & implement a comprehensive program to address the mental health problems of all veterans. This article discusses components of the Act including: training, research, & staffing; mental health assessments of veterans; 24-hour mental health care & hotline; outreach, education, & peer […]

Did the Introduction of ‘Dangerousness’ and ‘Risk of Harm’ Criteria in Mental Health Laws Increase the Incidence of Suicide in the United States of America?


Controlling Firearms use in Australia: has the 1996 gun law Reform Produced the Decrease in Rates of Suicide With This Method?

This study assessed the impact of 1997 legislative restrictions on the incidence of firearm suicide in Queensland & explored alternative or contributory factors behind observed declines. The observed reduction in firearms suicide was initiated prior to the National Firearms Agreement, with a clear decline observed in Australian figures from 1988. No significant difference was found […]