Developing a suicide prevention action plan in Kisumu County, Kenya

Suicide prevention is a complex and context-dependent challenge. About 75% of deaths by suicide occur in low- and middle-income countries; yet, most current suicide prevention strategies build upon data from high-income countries (HIC). The Kisumu County Government (KCG) in Kenya recognized the need for a suicide prevention action plan. In the absence of a Kenyan […]

Factors contributing to the increase in suicide cases and its mitigation among youth in Ruaraka Deanery, of the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kenya

Several approaches have been used to address the issue of suicide in contemporary society. However, a religious approach in Kenya has received less input. This article, which is a product of a research conducted in Ruaraka Deanery in the Catholic Archdiocese of Nairobi on the rise of suicide among youth, is an attempt to contribute […]

An overview of the causes of suicide and preventive strategies in Kenyan universities.

Students attending college undergo a significant transition in their lifetime. Further, there are a lot of demands in terms of academics, adaptation to the college environment, school fees as well as relationship demands. In college, opportunities to experiment in drugs and alcohol as well as irresponsible sexual behaviors present themselves. This compounds problems with students’ […]

A Cross-Sectional Study of Co-Occurring Suicidal and Psychotic Symptoms in Inpatients at Mathari Psychiatric Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

The prevalence of suicidal symptoms & their co-occurrence with psychotic symptoms in patients at the Mathari Psychiatric Hospital in Nairobi were investigated. A descriptive cross-sectional study was done in June 2004. Data on sociodemographic characteristics & clinical diagnoses of inpatients were extracted from their clinical notes. A total of 691 patients were interviewed; 308 had […]

Suicidality and Depression Among Adult Patients Admitted in General Medical Facilities in Kenya

All consenting adults admitted in a 4-week period at 10 general medical facilities in Kenya were interviewed for suicidal symptoms & depression. In all 2,780 patients responded to Item 9 of the Beck Depression Inventory-II. Thoughts of killing oneself accounted for 9 percent of suicidal symptoms. The younger age group had the highest prevalence of […]

Homicide and Suicide in North Kavirondo (IN: African Homicide and Suicide, ed. by P Bohannan)

This article discusses homicide & suicide among the Baluyia in Kenya. The author reports the number of homicide cases from 1949-54, including refional variations, weapons used, gender, the relationship between killers & victims, homicide & alchohol, & legal outcomes. For suicide, few records are kept, so the author provides anecdotal informaiton. He discusses common methods […]

Homicide and Suicide Among the Joluo of Kenya (IN: African Homicide and Suicide, ed. by P Bohannan)

This article discusses himicide & suicide among th eJuluo of Kenya. The author describes the family & social structure of the Juluo, & their attitudes towards death & violent death, & their practices of ceremonial physical & spiritual cleansing. Juluo beliefs about suicide are also described; they believe spirits play a large part in suicide. […]

The Crisis Model in Health Care Research in Kenya

Briefly discusses the development of a primary health care research project in Kenya with the crisis model central to key aspects of the project, & describes the feasibility study that formed the background of the project. (LH)

Political and Methodological Issues in the Cross-Cultural Study of Suicide

Deals briefly with political & related methodological issues around the study of suicide in Kenya. Notes that, while suicide & suicide attempts are classified as criminal behavior, legal sanctions are not generally applied. (LH)

Attempted Suicide (Parasuicide) in Nairobi, Kenya

The authors report on socio-demographic characteristics, methods & associated causes among 110 suicides attempters seen by them in Nairobi. Attempted suicide is still an offence in Kenya, like it is in other Third World Countries. A profile of a typical young person who attempts to take his/her life is described & some relevant aspects of […]