Year: 2020 Source: African Research Journal of Education and Social Sciences. (2019)., 6(3), SIEC No: 20200689

Students attending college undergo a significant transition in their lifetime. Further, there are a lot of demands in terms of academics, adaptation to the college environment, school fees as well as relationship demands. In college, opportunities to experiment in drugs and alcohol as well as irresponsible sexual behaviors present themselves. This compounds problems with students’ moods thus increasing the risk of suicide. In Kenya suicide or attempted hitherto is a criminal offence. Despite such measures by the government, the rise in suicide cases especially among the youth is a cause for concern. The knowledge concerning suicide is thus very limited and there is need look into the causes and possible solutions. This paper reviews the causes of suicide in Kenyan universities. Specifically, the paper discusses suicide and how it has increased among students in Kenyan Universities. Further, the main body discusses the causes of suicide before a detailed look into the possible preventive strategies. Secondary sources of information done by scholars and researchers were utilized in the review on the topic of suicide and preventive measures in Kenyan universities. Conclusively, the paper highlights the factors leading to suicide which were identified as depression, academic pressure, trauma, alcohol and substance abuse, financial hardships, loneliness conflict and illness. Further, these factors have been noted to contribute to the psychological well-being of youth and eventually lead to suicidal tendencies. The paper therefore recommends that universities should develop suicide based suicide prevention programmes, student counseling and student health care services as preventive measures. Additionally, the incorporation of guidance and counselling into the chaplaincy of the university is critical in addressing how suicide rates can be reduced among the youth in these institutions.