Residential transience, major depressive episodes, and the risk of suicide thoughts, plans and attempts

The association between past-year residential transience (frequent moving) and suicidal ideation among a nationally representative sample of over 190,000 U.S. adults was evaluated. Suicidal thoughts, plans, and attempts were more prevalent among transient adults. Among adults without major depressive episodes (MDE), transience was associated with 70% to 90% greater odds of suicidal ideation compared to […]

Housing First combined with Suicide Treatment Education and Prevention (HOME + STEP): Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Background Youth experiencing homelessness are at high risk for suicide, yet few studies have evaluated risk reduction interventions targeting suicidal ideation in this vulnerable population. A comprehensive approach to risk-reduction is needed that addresses basic needs and provides targeted interventions for those at highest risk. The protocol described builds on the design of the first […]

Gender differences in the predictors of suicide-related morbidity among veterans reporting current housing instability

Background: Veterans experiencing housing instability are at increased risk of suicide. Research is needed to identify gender differences in the predictors of both suicidal ideation and suicide attempt, particularly among Veterans who are unstably housed. Objectives: The objective of the present study was to explore whether correlates of suicide-related morbidity among unstably housed Veterans vary by gender […]