A comprehensive study of medically serious suicide attempts in France: Incidence and associated factors

Aims: People who make medically serious suicide attempts (MSSAs) share a number of features with those who die by suicide, and are at a high risk of suicide themselves. Studies to date have mostly focused on clinical samples of MSSAs. An epidemiological examination at a national level can help to identify risk profiles and pathways […]

Seasonal changes and decrease of suicides and suicide attempts in France over the last 10 years

The objective of this study was to examine the evolution of suicides and suicide attempts over the last 10 years in France. We analyzed the number of deaths by suicide and suicide attempts in metropolitan France (2009–2018) from French national databases, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Seasonal variation in suicide rates was modeled using […]

Temporal trends in suicide attempts among children in the decade before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in Paris, France

Introduction : Recent studies have reported a deterioration in children’s mental health since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, with an increase in anxiety and mood disorders.  Rates of suicide ideation and suicide attempts among children were also higher when COVID-19–related stressors were heightened in 2020. We aimed to better assess temporal trends […]

Suicide among the elderly in France and Switzerland: What does the societal context tell us about the place of relatives?

Based on a comparison of accounts by relatives of elderly people who died by suicide in France and by assisted suicide in Switzerland, this article analyzes the place of family members and their interpretations of the suicide of their elderly relative. It highlights the way the societal and legal context influences the collection of data, […]

Management in primary care at the time of a suicide attempt and its impact on care post-suicide attempt: An observational study in the French GP sentinel surveillance system

Background We aimed to describe primary care management at the time of a suicide attempt (SA) and after the SA. Methods An observational (cross-sectional) study was conducted among 166 sentinel GPs within France (a non-gatekeeping country) between 2013 and 2017 for all GP’s patients who attempted suicide. Measurements: frequency of patients 1) managed by the […]

Factors associated with deaths from suicide in a French nationwide HIV-infected cohort.

OBJECTIVES: People living with HIV (PLHIV) are at a higher risk of dying by suicide than the general population. Epidemiological data regarding determinants of suicide in PLHIV are scarce. The aim of this study was thus to study demographic, socio-economic, psychiatric history and immunovirological characteristics associated with death from suicide in the French multicenter Dat’AIDS […]

Postmortem computed tomography findings in suicide victims.

Suicide is the eighth cause of mortality in France and the leading cause in people aged between 25 and 34 years. The most common methods of suicide are hanging, self-poisoning with medicines and firearms. Postmortem computed tomography (CT) is a useful adjunct to autopsy to confirm suicide and exclude other causes of death. At autopsy, […]

Impact of the 1998 Football World Cup on suicide rates in France: results from the National Death Registry.

Our objective was to determine whether the FŽdŽration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in 1998 had a short-term impact on the number of suicides in France. Exhaustive individual daily data on suicides from 1979 to 2006 were obtained from the French epidemiological center on the medical causes of death (CepiDCÐINSERM; France). These data […]

ALGOS: the Development of a Randomized Controlled Trial Testing a Case Management Algorithm Designed to Reduce Suicide Risk Among Suicide Attempters

In this article, the authors present the protocol for a study in which they will examine the effectiveness of the ALGOS algorithm, an intervention based in a decisional tree of contact type which aims to reduce the incidence of repeated suicide attempts during 6 months. This algorithm of case management comprises the 2 strategies of […]

Preventing Suicide in French Prisons

This paper shows that preventing suicide risk in French prison regulations is thwarted in 2 prisons by professional criteria regarding credibility & solidarity, as well as by the balance of power between prisoners & guards, in addition to the realization, on the part of judges responsible for sentencing, of the risk posed by recidivists. The […]

5HTTLPR Polymorphism in Schizophrenic Patients: Further Support for Association With Violent Suicide Attempts

The authors genotyped the 5HTTLPR ploymorphism in 185 unrelated patients with schizophrenia from a French Caucasian population. The genotype frequencies significantly differed between patients who made violent suicide attempts & both those who attempted suicide with a nonviolent method & those who never attempted suicide. The genotypes containing the low activity “short” allele were significantly […]

Factors Associated With Suicidal Behaviors in a Large French Sample of Inpatients With Eating Disorders

This study identified factors associated with suicidal behaviours among a sample of 1009 French patients with eating disorders. Data were analyzed for the whole sample as well as among each subtype of eating disorder. Among the whole sample, the factor most strongly associated with suicide attempt or ideation was the diagnostic category, with the highest […]

Does Sickness Absence due to Psychiatric Disorder Predict Cause-Specific Mortality? A 16-Year Follow-Up of the GAZEL Occupational Cohort Study

The authors tested the hypothesis that psychiatric sickness absence predicts mortality from leading medical causes. Data were derived from the French GAZEL cohort study & administrative files & linked to mortality data from France’s national registry. Analyses were done using Cox regression models. Compared to workers with no sickness absence, those absent due to psychiatric […]

Higher Psychological Pain During a Major Depressive Episode may be a Factor of Vulnerability to Suicidal Ideation and act

French patients hospitalized for a major depressive episode, including 87 individuals with a recent history of suicidal acts, 61 with a past history of suicidal acts, & 62 without any suicidal history, were assessed at admission using several visual analog scales to measure levels of psychache, physical pain, & suicide ideation. Patients with a recent […]

Childhood Trauma as a Correlative Factor of Suicidal Behavior – via Aggression Traits. Similar Results in an Italian and in a French Sample


Durkheim and French Psychiatric Views on Suicide During the 19th Century: a Conceptual History

The authors of this article assert that Durkheim was biased in his choice of psychiatric sources &, as a consequence, painted a distorted picture of the history of psychiatric ideas on suicide in 19th-century France. (75 refs.)

Dual Diagnosis: Prevalence, Risk Factors, and Relationship With Suicide Risk in a Nationwide Sample of French Prisoners


Ten Year Follow-up Study of 65 Suicidal Adolescents


Determinants of Improvement in Quality of Life of Alcohol-Dependent Patients During an Inpatient Withdrawl Programme


Psychopathic Traits and Suicidal Ideation in High-School Students


Metal Music and Mental Health in France

Metal music has been associated with social problems such as suicide, self-destruction, & Satanism. This study attempts to determine if there is a link between mental health & the enjoyment of metal music. 333 French fans were surveyed, As a whole, metal music fans have levels of anxiety & depression that are similar to & […]

Suicide in the French Armed Forces

Ab observational longitudinal cohort study was conducted to check whether the suicide risk in the French army was higher than in the general population & to find out the categories of personnel more prone to self-harm. From 1997-2000, 230 suicides occurred; the overall annual crude suicide rate was 18.2 per 100,000 active-duty personnel. With the […]

Exposure to Interparental Violence and Psychosocial Maladjustment in the Adult Life Course: Advocacy for Early Prevention

This study investigated the association between exposure to interparental violence in childhood & mental health outcomes in adulthood. A retrospective cohort study of 3023 French adults was conducted in 2005 through at-home, face-to-face interviews. The outome measures were current depression & lifetime suicide attempt, intimate partner violence, violence against children, & alcohol dependence. Results indicated […]