Year: 2010 Source: Journal of Affective Disorders, v.120, no.1-3, (January 2010), p.226-230 SIEC No: 20100322

French patients hospitalized for a major depressive episode, including 87 individuals with a recent history of suicidal acts, 61 with a past history of suicidal acts, & 62 without any suicidal history, were assessed at admission using several visual analog scales to measure levels of psychache, physical pain, & suicide ideation. Patients with a recent or past history of suicide attempts expressed significantly higher levels of current psychological pain & a higher intensity & frequency of current suicide ideation. Higher psychological pain during a major depressive episode may be a factor in vulnerability to suicidal behaviour by increasing the propensity to suicide ideation. Treating psychache during a depressive episode should be target during crisis intervention. (27 refs.)

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