A Study of Severity of Intention of Suicide in Various Psychiatric Diagnoses


Conversion and Somatization Disorders: Dissociative Symptoms and Other Characteristics

The authors aimed to clarify the discrepancy in the classification of conversion disorder in ICD-10 & DSM-IV. They assessed 87 patients with conversion disorder & 71 patients with somatization disorder for sociodemographic characteristics, suicide ideation, psychiatric symptoms & dissociative symptoms. Among the findings, there were no statistical differences in suicide ideation & the total score […]

Briquet’s Syndrome in Adolescence

This article addresses the presence of Briquet’s syndrome in adolescents as a subject of concern. The authors describe the nature of the disorder, its characteristic symptoms, and common complications, which include substance abuse, depression, and suicide. (14 refs)

Panic Disorder and Suicide Attempt. A Reanalysis of Data From the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Study

Analyzing data from the Epidemiologic Catchment Area study, Weissman et al (1989) reported that panic disorder was strongly associated with suicide attempt. However, this study did not control optimally for comorbid disorders known to increase suicide risk. The present authors controlled for comorbid disorders in the aggregate rather than 1 at a time & found […]

Case Consultation: The Transition From Inpatient to Outpatient Care

This article details a case & provides 2 sets of expert comments. For the chronically suicidal patient, transition from inpatient care to outpatient treatment can be a period of heightened risk. Often, the inpatient facility & outpatient clinic are relatively autonomous agencies, & coordination of continued treatment can be difficult. As illustrated in this case […]

Childhood Molestation Reported by Women With Somatization Disorder

Few adult symptoms were associated with a history of childhood sexual molestation in women with somatization disorder. More patients who had been molested reported suicide attempts & a history of alcoholism. These 2 symptoms were strongly correlated: 11 of 12 alcoholic somatization disorder patients reported at least one suicide attempt compared with 28 of 48 […]

A Suicide Attempt Following Removal of Conversion Paralysis With Amobarbital

Presents the case of a 31-yr-old male who attempted suicide shortly after an amobarbital interview resulted in the resolution of his conversion paralysis. The case suggests that depressive & suicidal features should be evaluated carefully prior to such treatment. (10 ref)

Significance of Paternal and Maternal Loss in Mental Illnesses

The present study attempts to assess, evaluate & compare the effect of parental loss by death in patients suffering from 4 major psychiatric conditions; schizophrenia, depression, attempted suicide & hysteria. The study was conducted in India over an observation period of one year. Total parental loss was found to be significantly high in depression & […]

Hysterical Seizures in Adolescent Incest Victims (IN: Sexual Abuse: Incest Victims and Their Families, ed. by J Goodwin)

This chapter describes 6 cases of hysterical or conversion seizures occurring in adolescents who had previously experienced incest. The simultaneous occurrence of these 2 uncommon conditions suggests a causal connection. The cases described have other characteristics in common, including threatened or attempted suicide, & the authors suggest that a specific syndrome can be described. (15 […]

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Clinical Problems of Incest (IN: Sexual Abuse: Incest Victims and Their Families, ed. by J Goodwin)

This chapter describes 6 clinical problems in the treatment of incest victims & their families including hysterical seizures after an incest event, suicide attempts in victims & family members, runaway incest victims, how incest operates as a defense against loss, maternal failure in women who have been incest victims, & how to talk with children […]

Successful Suicide in a Patient With Conversion Reaction

A patient with conversion reaction who demonstrated typical symptoms for this illness is presented. This case illustrates that successful suicide in a patient with conversion reaction, although rare, does occur. This case also suggest two dangers in the management of conversion reaction patients. The danger is that the physician may be so impressed with the […]

Case Report of Conversion Catatonia: Indication for Hypnosis

The author describes the successful hypnotic treatment of a patient with an acute catatonic reaction. Because conversion mechanisms may underlie some presentations of catatonia, hypnosis may assist clinicians in the differential diagnosis of acute catatonic conditions. 15 refs.

Are Hysterical Seizures More Than Hysteria? A Research Diagnostic Criteria, DSM-III, and Psychometric Analysis

Hysterical seizure disorders are studied in terms of their behavioral manifestation & their relationship to personality structure in this double-blind study. Those with organic seizures alone (n=11), organic & psychogenic (hysterical) seizures (n=13) & those with pure psychogenic seizures were assessed clinically & by SADS-L, psychiatric history, the WAIS, Bender-Gestalt, MMPI, & the Rorschach. Significant […]

A Case of Prepartum Psychosis and Infanticide

A 36 year old married female, diagnosed as a chronic schizophrenic, fatally shot her year old son & seriously injured herself in a simultaneous suicide attempt. Precipitating factors suggested were an unwanted pregnancy & the denial of her request for sterilization by members of a sterilization board.(NBB)

Suicide Attempts and Nonpatient College Students

This study examines psychiatric histories of 560 non-patient university students in an attempt to determine the relationship between attempts & demographic variables of age, sex, marital status, psychiatric illness, alcoholism, drug use, antisocial personality, hysteria, or homosexuality. Statistically significant relationships were found between attempts & marital status, sex, antisocial personality, hysteria, & psychiatric disorders.(NBB)

Survival Today, Tomorrow and Forever

The author states in order to prevent physical death by suicide & mental death by a psychotic break, the stressed patient must be helped to maintain his basic values until his inadequate coping behaviors can be replaced by more adequate ones that the patient will accept & use. He emphasises the importance of giving the […]

The Experience of Emptiness in Narcissistic and Borderline States: II. The Struggle for a Sense of Self and the Potential for Suicide

Feelings of emptiness are a central problem for patients suffering from narcissistic disorders and/or borderline personality dusturbances. In an attempt to avoid this feeling, these patients employ defences to preserve their fragmentary selves. Detachment, exhibitionism, excessive self-concern, self-isolation, negation of other’s humaneness, assumption of a false self & acting out are some common defenses. Feelings […]

Hysteria – A Clinical, Prognostic and Genetic Study

This article describes the results of an experiment conducted to investigate the lethality of suicide threats, the incidence of attempted suicide & the frequency of suicide among parents & siblings of hysterics. (NBB)

Hysterical Self-Mutilation of the Tongue: A Case Study

The author presents the case history of a 29 year old unmarried female who repeatedly mutilated her tongue by biting. Her hysterical symptoms are explained in psychoanalytical terms. Numerous & varied attempts at treatment were generally unsuccessful. 28 ref. (NBB)

Incestuous Rape: A Cause for Hysterical Seizures in Four Adolescent Girls

Four cases are presented of hysterical seizures in adolescent girls as a consequence of forced incestuous relationships with their fathers. It is suggested that, for all girls presented to the clinician with symptoms of hysterical seizures, a detailed history should be taken to explore for the possibility of incest.

Hysterical Seizures: A Sequel to Incest

Six cases are described in which hysterical seizures developed after incest and disappeared after psychotherapeutic exploration of the incestuous experience. Patients were adolescents referred for seizures, suicide attempts, sexual problems, and running away. It is suggested that Navajo and Galenic folk beliefs connecting epilepsy with incest may derive from observations of this symptom pattern in […]

Suicide in a Case of Briquet’s Syndrome

Although suicide attempts occur often in Briquet’s syndrome (hysteria), completed suicides are rare; the case described, that of a 37-yr-old woman, is believed to be the 1st example of a successful suicide by a Briquet patient that was diagnosed before death. The patient’s history, which included drug abuse, many physical complaints & a 2 week […]

Vicissitudes of the Suicidal Impulse in Dreams

The author presents several dreams reported by psychsomatic patients which contain an overt or disguised act of suicide. In the latter instances various transformations of the act of suicide had been brought about by the defensive functions of the dreaming ego. Paradoxically, in several of these instances it was the very efforts of the dreaming […]