Is the end in the beginning? Child maltreatment increases the risk of non-suicidal self-injury and suicide attempts through impaired personality functioning

Background Child maltreatment is a risk factor for a range of mental disorders later in life, including dangerous self-harm and suicide attempts. A better understanding of the mechanisms underlying this association can inform prevention and intervention. Objective To investigate personality functioning as a potential mediator of the association of childhood abuse and neglect and self-harm […]

Childhood maltreatment, stressful life events, cognitive emotion regulation strategies, and non-suicidal self-injury in adolescents and young adults with first-episode depressive disorder: Direct and indirect pathways

Introduction: Childhood maltreatment (CM), stressful life events (SLE), and cognitive emotion regulation strategies (CERS) have been considered crucial in the development of non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and major depressive disorder (MDD), but the pathways of this association are not clear. We aim to identify direct effects of CM and SLE on NSSI and depression severity and its […]

Examining associations between child abuse and neglect experiences with emotion regulation difficulties indicative of adolescent suicidal ideation risk

Objective: Preliminary work indicates one specific aspect of emotion dysregulation (i.e., limited access to emotion regulation strategies) uniquely associates with adolescent suicide ideation. An optimal score cut point on a measure of this emotion dysregulation impairment has been identified to indicate risk for past-year suicidal ideation. Examining types of child abuse and neglect associated with being […]

Associations of discrimination, suicide ideation severity and attempts, and depressive symptoms among sexual and gender minority youth

We examined the unique associations among discrimination, suicidal thoughts, suicide attempts, and depressive symptoms in a sample of sexual and gender minority (SGM) youth as well as interpersonal mediators of these associations. Participants included 94 SGM youth (Mage = 18; SD = 2.88) recruited from SGM-specific drop-in centers. We used mediation analyses to test the mediating effects of […]

Suicidal histories in adults experiencing psychological trauma: Exploring vulnerability and protective factors

Objective This study aimed to identify vulnerability and protective factors for suicidal histories among adults experiencing psychological trauma. Method Adults seeking treatment for psychological trauma (N = 113) completed self-report questionnaires measuring childhood trauma history, self-concept, relational functioning, emotion regulation, living arrangements, employment status, marital status, and suicidal history. Independent samples t-tests were used to determine variables on […]

Mediation of Internet addiction on association between childhood maltreatment and suicidal behaviours among Chinese adolescents

Aims: The associations between suicidal behaviours and childhood maltreatment (CM), as well as Internet addiction (IA) have been extensively examined. However, few studies pay attention to different types of CM and all stages of suicidality, including suicidal ideation (SI), suicidal plans (SP) and suicidal attempts (SA). Moreover, little is known regarding the mediation of IA […]

The mediating role of internalizing and externalizing symptoms in the association between child neglect and suicide attempt in adulthood

To examine the association between child neglect and adult suicide risk as well as the underlying mechanism. Adults aged 18 or older from the National Epidemiological Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions Wave 3 who did not have suicide attempts before 18 were included (N = 35,275). Child neglect was categorized into emotional and physical neglect. Suicide […]

The association between suicide attempts, anxiety, and childhood maltreatment among adolescents and young adults with first depressive episodes

Objective: Adolescents and young adults are susceptible to high-risk behaviors such as self-harm and suicide. However, the impact of childhood maltreatment on suicide attempts in adolescents and young adults with first episode of depression remains unclear. This study examined the association between suicide attempts and childhood maltreatment among adolescents and young adults with first depressive episodes. […]

Perceived social status and suicidal ideation in maltreated children and adolescents

Recent decades have seen an alarming increase in rates of suicide among young people, including children and adolescents (“youth”). Although child maltreatment constitutes a well-established risk factor for suicidal ideation in youth, few efforts have focused on identifying factors associated with maltreated youths’ increased risk for suicidal ideation, especially across development. The present study examined […]

Psychosocial functioning in adolescents with non-suicidal self-injury: The roles of childhood maltreatment, borderline personality disorder and depression

Background There is a lack of studies examining psychosocial functioning in patients with non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), especially in adolescents, and rates of impaired functioning in existing literature vary considerably. These variations may be attributable to further risk factors that influence psychosocial functioning. Thus, the aim of the study was to examine whether adolescent NSSI patients […]

Understanding the risk of suicide among perpetrators who view child sexual abuse material (CSAM)

Attempts to address the threat of harm posed by perpetrators of child sexual abuse (CSA) have rightly increased in recent years, with well-known efforts such as operation NOTARISE resulting in 750 arrests; however, the cost of such operations is also high. Operation NOTARISE resulted in 24 suicides; the estimated economic and social cost of which has been […]

The association between childhood trauma and lifetime suicide attempts among a sample of male prisoners: A pilot observational study

Background: Prisoners have higher rates of suicide attempts compared with general population. A history of childhood trauma (CT) is common among incarcerated subjects and it is a well-known risk factor for lifetime suicide attempts. Therefore, the purpose of the study was to investigate whether lifetime suicide attempts may be related to the exposition to CT among […]

My decade at Old Sun, my lifetime of hell

My Decade at Old Sun, My Lifetime of Hell is a simple and outspoken account of the sexual and psychological abuse that Arthur Bear Chief suffered during his time at Old Sun Residential school in Gleichen on the Siksika Nation. In a series of chronological vignettes, Bear Chief depicts the punishment, cruelty, abuse, and injustice […]

“I never saw a future”: Childhood trauma and suicidality among sexual minority women

While a significant health concern for sexual minority women, there is little qualitative research investigating their experiences of childhood trauma and suicidality. In this study, we used photovoice methods and an intersectionality framework. Drawing on qualitative interviews, we inductively derived three themes (a) Traumatized and discredited, (b) Cascading marginality, estrangement, and suicidality, (c) Reconstruction and reclaiming resilience. In Traumatized […]

The role of psychiatric symptoms and environmental vulnerability factors in explaining the relationship between child maltreatment and suicidality: A prospective investigation

Background Childhood maltreatment has been associated with suicide thoughts and attempts; however, few longitudinal studies have assessed risk of suicidality into adulthood. Fewer have examined potential mediators (psychiatric symptoms and environmental vulnerability factors). Methods Prospective cohort design. Children with documented cases of maltreatment (N = 495, ages 0–11) were matched with non-maltreated children (N = 395) and followed up […]

The role of psychopathology in the relationship between history of maltreatment and suicide attempts among children and adolescent inpatients

Background This retrospective chart review study investigates the relationship between the history of various forms of abuse and the presence of mood disorders and psychotic symptoms in predicting suicide attempts among psychiatrically hospitalized children and adolescents. Method A multi‐mediation analysis was conducted with an archival dataset of 101 children and adolescents hospitalized predominantly for mood […]

Childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors among Chinese migrant workers: The mediating role of alexithymia and social support

This study aims to investigate the lifetime prevalence of suicidal behaviors in a sample of Chinese migrant workers. It also examined the mediating role of alexithymia and social support in the link between childhood abuse and suicidal behaviors. A total of 1,563 migrant workers were surveyed by using cluster sampling. Results showed that the estimated […]

The association between child abuse and attempted suicide: A retrospective cohort study

Background: Child abuse and suicide among the young population is a serious and prevalent problem. Many studies have demonstrated that people with adverse childhood experiences, such as child abuse, are likely to develop suicidal behavior. This study evaluates the connection between child abuse and suicidal behavior in the Hong Kong community where incidents of child abuse […]

The relations between childhood maltreatment, shame, guilt, depression and suicidal ideation in inpatient adolescents

Background Previous studies demonstrated positive relations between various forms of maltreatment and suicidal ideation; however, mechanisms underlying these relationships are not well understood. We propose that the experience of maltreatment in childhood may lead to high levels of generalized guilt and shame, resulting in an increase of depressive symptoms and suicidal thoughts in adolescents. The […]

Relationship of childhood abuse and household dysfunction to many of the leading causes of deaths in adults

Background: The relationship of health risk behavior and disease in adulthood to the breadth of exposure to childhood emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, and household dysfunction during childhood has not previously been described. Methods: A questionnaire about adverse childhood experiences was mailed to 13,494 adults who had completed a standardized medical evaluation at a large […]

Interpersonal trauma and suicide attempts in low-income depressed mothers in home visiting

Background Risk of suicide is a major concern for depressed mothers in the perinatal period. The strongest predictor of completing suicide is having made a previous attempt. Little is known about the clinical features of low-income, depressed mothers who have attempted suicide in contrast to those who have not. Objective This study examined clinical and […]

Mother-daughter interpersonal processes underlying the association between child maltreatment and adolescent suicide ideation

Objective The aim of the present study was to investigate whether mother‐daughter relationship quality and mother‐daughter conflict represent mechanisms underlying the association between child maltreatment and adolescent passive or active suicide ideation. Method The sample included 164 socioeconomically disadvantaged depressed adolescent girls and their mothers (adolescents: mean age = 14.00 years; 66.3% African‐American, 21.3% white, 14.0% Latina). […]

Childhood abuse, interpersonal strength, and suicide resilience in African American females who attempted suicide

There is a significant association between childhood abuse and suicidal behavior in low-income African American women with a recent suicide attempt. Increasingly, empirical focus is shifting toward including suicide resilience, which mitigates against suicidal behavior. This cross-sectional study examines childhood abuse, intrapersonal strengths, and suicide resilience in 121 African American women, average age of 36.07 years […]