Suicide, fatal injuries and drowning among the crews of United Kingdom and Bermuda registered cruise and passenger ships from 1976 to 2018

Background: Little has been reported about mortality among crews in passenger shipping. The aim of the study was to determine the detailed causes and circumstances of deaths from unnatural causes among crews employed in United Kingdom (UK) and Bermudan registered passenger shipping, their trends, how they relate to the type of passenger ship and crew rank […]

Characteristics of railway suicides in Canada and comparison with accidental railway fatalities: Implications for prevention

This study presents and compares the prevalence and characteristics of rail-related suicide and other railway fatalities in Canada over 10 years, from 1999 to 2008. The methodology involved in-depth data analysis of records from provincial coroner and medical examiner’s investigations, railway company reports and Transportation Safety Board data. We identify physical risk factors and psychosocial descriptions […]

Suicide and accidental death in Australia’s rural farming communities: A review of the literature.

This literature review incorporates four broad areas: an understanding of farming communities, families and individuals and the contexts in which they live and work; an exploration of the challenges to morbidity and mortality that these communities face; a description of the patterns of suicide and accidental death in farming communities; and an outline of what […]

Evaluation of the quality of cause of death statistics in rural China using verbal autopsies.

Death registration systems in rural China are in a developmental stage. The Disease Surveillance Points (DSP) system provides the only nationally representative information on causes of death. In this system, there are no standard procedures or instruments for ascertaining causes of death; hence available statistics require careful evaluation before use. Contact us for a copy […]

Comparative analysis of suicide, accidental, and undetermined cause of death classification.

Suicide determination is not standardized across medical examiners, and many suspected suicides are later classified as accidental or undetermined. The present study investigated patterns between these three groups using a medical examiner database and 633 structured interviews with next of kin. There were similarities across all three classification groups, including rates of mental illness and […]

Causes of mortality among American college students: a pilot study.

This pilot study from self-selected institutions of higher education provides an estimate of the causes and rates of mortality among college students between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. One hundred fifty-seven 4-year colleges participated in an online survey of student deaths during one academic year. A total of 254 deaths were reported. […]

Exposure to Human Tragedy, Empathy, and Trauma in Ambulance Paramedics

Paramedics are exposed to events involving human pain & suffering on a daily basis. At times, certain circumstances lead workers to develop an emotional connection with the victim or his or her family. When this occurs, paramedics report increased symptoms of traumatic stress. One of the coping strategies described in these circumstances is to manage […]

Mortality from suicide and other external cause injuries in China: a prospective cohort study

Premature death from suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide. This study investigates mortality from suicide and other injuries and associated risk factors in China. 169, 871 Chinese adults 40 and over were studied. The mortality due to suicide or other external cause injuries were recorded. Conludes that external cause mortality is a major […]

Traumatic events and suicidality in a German adolescent community sample

Exposure to traumatic events has been related to suicide attempts and suicidal ideation in adolescents. This study analyzes the association between suicidality and preceding traumatic life events in 665 German school students with an average age of 14.81 (SD = 0.66). Forty-three (6.5%) students reported suicide attempts and 239 (35.9%) reported suicidal ideation. Adolescents with […]

The Impact of Widowhood on Irish Mortality due to Suicide and Accidents

The impact of widowhood on suicide & accident mortality in Ireland was investigated using Poisson regression analysis applied to routine data relating to all 10,561 suicidal & accidental deaths of married or widowed persons aged at leat 35 years in Ireland during 1986-2005. Mortality rates were almost always higher among the widowed & often by […]

Seasonal Variation in Suicides and in Deaths by Unintentional Illicit Acute Drug Intoxications


Mortuary Profile for Unnatural Deaths at Forensic Medicine Department of Dhaka Medical College

This study examined 1725 cases of unnatural deaths autopsied in the mortuary at Dhaka Medical College during 1996. 130 of the deaths were suicides. The male to female ratio was 1.7:1. The majority of suicides occurred among individuals in the age range 11-40 years. (14 refs.)

Suicide Attempt and n-3 Fatty Acid Levels in red Blood Cells: a Case Control Study in China

The authors recruited 100 individuals who had attempted suicide & 100 control patients injured by accidents. Cases & controls were matched for age, gender, & smoking status. Blood was sampled immediately after admission to hospital. Washed red blood cells were obtained & the fatty acid composition of the total red blood cells phospholipid fraction was […]

Viewing the Body After Bereavement due to a Traumatic Death: Qualitative Study in the UK

This analysis of narrative interviews with 80 bereaved individuals interprets their accounts of why & how they decided whether to view the body & their emotional reactions to this, immediately & at a later stage. Half of the sample had been bereaved by suicide. Decisions about seeing the body varied. Viewing the body brought home […]

Children and Youth Injuries in Alberta

This report provides statistics on injury & deaths among children & youth, age 1-19 years, in Alberta. Injuries were the leading cause of death for this population in 2005. Over the period 1997-2006 motor vehicle-related admissions were the leading cause of injury admissions for youth 15-19 years followed by attempted suicide/self-inflicted injuries. In 2006, suicide/attempted […]

Cerbera Odollam: a ‘Suicide Tree’ and Cause of Death in the State of Kerala, India

Cerbera odollam is a tree belonging to the family that includes the yellow & common oleanders. The odollam tree is responsible for about 50 percent of the plant poisoning cases & 10% of the total poisoning cases in Kerala, India. It is used for both suicide & homicide. Approximatley 70-75 percent of suicides, 1989-1999, by […]

Surveillance for Violent Deaths – National Violent Death Reporting System, 16 States, 2007

Report includes 39 data tables.

Electrocution-Related Mortality: a Review of 351 Deaths by Low-Voltage Electrical Current

This article describes the characteries of lethal injuries due to electrocution. 945 cases in Bulgaria, occurring during the period 1965-2006, were reviewed – 351 cases of electrocution were identified. The average age of victims was 35.25 years. Most deaths occurred among males. Suicides accounted for 7.41 percent of deaths. (22 refs.)

The Economic Burden of Injury in Canada

Text is available in English & French.

Differences in the Outcomes and Treatments of Extensively Burned Patients Between a Chinese Hospital and a Japanese Hospital


Firearm Availability and Suicide, Homicide, and Unintentional Firearm Deaths Among Women

This study sought to determine whether measures of firearm availability are related to rates of suicide, homicide, & unintentional firearm deaths among American women. Pooled cross-sectional time series data on suicide, homicide, & unintentional firearm deaths (1988-1997) were used to estimate the association between the rate of violent death among women & 4 proxies of […]

Suicide and Fatal Drug Overdose in Child Sexual Abuse Victims: a Historical Cohort Study

The rate & risk of suicide & accidental fatal drug overdose in individuals who had been medically ascertained as having been sexually abused during childhood was determined. Forensic medical records of 2759 victims who were assessed between 1964-1995 were obtained & linked with coronial data representing a follow-up period of up to 44 years. 21 […]

Trauma, Attempted Suicide, and Morning Cortisol in a Community Sample of Adolescents

This sutdy explored the association between morning cortisol, trauma, & suicide attempts or ideation among young people. In a community-based sample of 501 15-year-olds, using data from a DSM-IV-compatible interview on suicidal behaviour/ideation, trauma, & morning cortisol, the authors found no association between these factors & morning cortisol. A significant gender interaction was found for […]