Year: 1991 Source: Journal of Neural Transmission Genetics Section, v.85, no.3, (1991), p.181-194 SIEC No: 20100933

The density of 5-HT1A binding using 3H-8-hydroxy-2-(di-n-propyl-amino) tetralin as binding ligand was studied in human frontal cortex of suicide victims & normal controls who died due to medical disease or accidents. There was no difference in the maximum number of binding site (Bmax) or Kd (an inverse measure of affinity) of 5-HT1A receptor binding sites between normal controls & the entire group of suicide victims. However, nonviolent suicides had significantly higher Bmax compared to both controls & violent suicides. A negative correlation between age & Bmax of 5-HT1A binding sites was found in male controls but not in female controls or suicide victims. (52 refs.) JA