As subject matter experts, we at the Centre for Suicide Prevention are often called upon to speak with the media about suicide and its prevention. Here’s who we spoke with yesterday, World Suicide Prevention Day:

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention DayGlobal Calgary
Executive Director Mara Grunau spoke with Global Calgary on Monday morning about the importance of asking someone directly if they are suicidal. After asking, “remain calm, listen. If you can say the word (‘suicide’) then all they have to do is say ‘yes.'”

Mara Grunau with Jordan Witzel, Global Calgary

World Suicide Prevention Day prompts conversation about death, mental health and stigmasGlobal Edmonton 
“World Suicide Prevention Day is an opportunity to chip away at the stigma (surrounding suicide)… we want to encourage people to reach out for help… but we need to create an environment where they feel comfortable doing that… we need to be active listeners,” Mara Grunau, Executive Director, said on Global Edmonton yesterday.

World Suicide Prevention Day680 CJOB 
“If we can create enough space for the person to unload, often, they will be able to identify their own reasons for living and they will hold on to that and that will take them through other difficult situations that may come in the future,” Mara Grunau, Executive Director, with Geoff Currier on 680 CJOB.

Letter: World Suicide Prevention DayMorinville News
Morinville News published the Centre for Suicide Prevention’s World Suicide Prevention Day press release as a letter in their editorial section. “People who consider suicide are in crisis: they are experiencing such deep, psychological pain that they have lost hope. Their vision becomes so narrow that the only way they can see an end to their pain is through death. Too often, these people suffer alone and die alone. People in crisis need our help. Taking the time to have a caring conversation with someone and being willing to sit in their discomfort with them can be the beginning of their recovery from suicidal crisis.”

United for suicide preventionLethbridge Herald
September 11, 2018
Centre for Suicide Prevention’s Robert Olson presented at the Lethbridge Family Services and Community Interagency Suicide Prevention Council’s World Suicide Prevention Day event.

UCalgary hosts suicide awareness concert Mysterious Barricades on Sept. 7UToday
Centre for Suicide Prevention was honoured to be a community partner for the second year in a row for the Mysterious Barricades Calgary concert. Mysterious Barricades is a cross-country event that features concerts from coast to coast, dawn til dusk, on September 15, to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Featured publications

World Suicide Prevention Day 2018 – Centre for Suicide Prevention
September 10, 2018
Today is September 10, World Suicide Prevention Day. This year’s theme, as determined by the International Association for Suicide Prevention, is “Working together to prevent suicide.” Suicide prevention is everybody’s business.

A caring conversation: What suicide prevention can look likeCentre for Suicide Prevention
In this editorial article, we explore the significant impact a simple caring conversation can have on a person considering suicide.

You can help someone who is thinking about suicide Centre for Suicide Prevention
Anyone can have thoughts of suicide and anyone can help someone at risk of suicide. This article, released with CMHA National, can teach you how to help. Disponible en français.

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