Centre for Suicide Prevention is excited to announce a new men’s suicide prevention campaign: Buddy Up.

This campaign was created for men by men, encouraging them to have real conversations with their buddies and to support them if they’re struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Learn more about how you can help a man in your life at buddyup.ca.

We’ve released a new infographic about how to talk to someone you’re worried about and an updated toolkit on men’s suicide prevention. In addition to these educational pieces, a public awareness campaign has been launched, appearing on Pattison Outdoor digital spaces around the city, including on billboards, at bus stops, and C-train stations. Thank you to Pattison Outdoor for donating ad space to this campaign.

This campaign was informed by an Advisory Committee and vetted by focus groups – we would like to thank those members for volunteering their time to participate in the creation of this campaign.

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