Social connection is vital in preventing suicide, and we’ve all had to get creative during the pandemic when it comes to connecting with loved ones.

Canada Post is helping people connect with their Write Here. Write Now. campaign. As part of the campaign, Canada Post is sending 13.5 million prepaid postcards to households across the country, encouraging people to “reach out to a friend or family member.”

The postcards have messages like, ‘Wishing I were there,’ ‘Sending hugs,’ ‘I’ve been meaning to write to you,’ ‘From me to you,’ and ‘I miss you.’

In a year where the necessity of human contact has been so pronounced, we commend Canada Post for giving people a fun, easy way to connect with loved ones. It can be hard for those with thoughts of suicide to reach out, so it is important that those around them do. A postcard is a great way to let someone know you care and open up an opportunity for conversation.

To learn more about the initiative, you can read this article, and be sure to look out for the card in your mailbox.