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Seizing the Chance to Stop a SuicideHarvard Medical School
September 21, 2023
The Center for Suicide Research and Prevention at Harvard and MGH in the US launched in August after being given a $17 million grant from the American National Institute of Mental Health. “The mission is to use recent innovations in suicide science to propose and test improvements in how suicidal patients are identified and treated,” said researcher Matthew Nock. The Centre will partner with hospital systems to conduct research. The potential for the use of artificial intelligence in suicide prevention will also be studied. Nock says, “We found we can identify which patients are most at risk for suicide with a much higher degree of accuracy (using AI) than clinicians can do on their own.”

Why Is the Suicide Risk Greater with Schizophrenia?Healthline
September 20, 2023
People with schizophrenia have a suicide rate of 10% – 9% higher than the rate of general population, and suicide is the reason that people with schizophrenia have a decreased life expectancy. They have unique risk factors, such as intense psychiatric symptoms and medication side-effects. Medication management, seeking support from loved ones, and talking with a mental health professional are a few actions people with schizophrenia can take to stay mentally healthy. The author of this article explains,  “You don’t have to navigate this alone. Support is available to ensure your safety and get you the assistance you need.”

Why Did the Suicide Rate Go Up Again? (in the US)Psychology Today
September 18, 2023
The suicide rate in the US continues to increase. This article speculates that three of the main reasons for the increase are: loneliness, delayed grief (following the COVID-19 pandemic), and the prevalence of firearms.

Woman whose suicide attempt left her in wheelchair takes part in Edmonton police run Edmonton Journal
September 17, 2023
Sarah McNally survived a suicide attempt in 2010, and is now wheelchair-dependent. Despite her physical challenges, McNally walked 5 kilometres as part of the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) Half Marathon event. McNally was continually supported by EPS officers throughout her mental health challenges.

Here’s How to Talk to Your Therapist About Suicidal Thoughts and Self-HarmWondermind
September 15, 2023
This article provides tips for how to talk to your therapist about thoughts of suicide. Suggestions include: understanding your therapist’s confidentiality limits, being straight-forward and specific about what you’re going through, telling them how they can be most useful to you, being open to their advice, and making a safety plan together. Clinical psychologist Ursula Whiteside says, “When we’re struggling, we’re often not our clearest thinking selves… Sometimes (the support of another person is) all people need, at least in the moment, to move on, to just not feel so alone and scared or overwhelmed.”