Every day we scan news headlines and social media for items of interest to the field of suicide prevention. Here’s what we found last week:

Sexual and gender minority resourcesCentre for Suicide Prevention
June 10, 2021
June is #PrideMonth! Learn more about how suicide can be prevented in sexual and gender minorities with our free resources, including toolkits and fact sheets that discuss warning signs in these populations and what can be done to reduce suicide risk.

Suicide attempts rose among adolescent girls during pandemic, ER data suggestCNN
June 11, 2021
A CDC recent study has found that in the US during the pandemic there was a 31% rise in the number of adolescent girls being admitted to emergency departments for suicidal behaviour. “Self-reported suicide attempts are consistently higher among adolescent females than among males, and research before the COVID-19 pandemic indicated that young females had both higher and increasing rates of ED visits for suicide attempts compared with males,” the researchers wrote. “However, the findings from this study suggest more severe distress among young females than has been identified in previous reports during the pandemic, reinforcing the need for increased attention to, and prevention for, this population.”

CRTC seeks input on establishing national three digit suicide hotlineToronto Star
June 10, 2021
The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is asking for the public’s feedback regarding the implementation of a 3-digit suicide prevention line in Canada. CRTC Chairperson and CEO Ian Scott said, “With physical distancing measures in place, the pandemic’s impact on mental health is even more apparent throughout the country. Suicide related calls, texts and chats have increased across Canada. We are asking Canadians and other interested parties for information to better understand the advantages and challenges associated with implementing a three-digit number for mental health crisis and suicide prevention services and how any challenges can be overcome.” To provide your feedback, fill out their online form, which is available, along with more information, on the CRTC website.

New Approaches and Considerations to Cancer and SuicidePsychiatric Times
June 9, 2021
People with cancer have a suicide rate double that of people who do not have cancer, and having had psychiatric care prior to cancer diagnosis may not mitigate this risk. This article explores psychological and biological risk factors, as well as other factors that may play a role in suicide risk for people with cancer.

16 Canadian Armed Forces members died by suicide in 2020, military says – Global News
June 8, 2021
The Canadian Armed Forces reports that 16 service members died by suicide in 2020, which is a slight decline compared to the 20 service members who died in 2019. Military commanders have expressed concern about military members due to stressors resulting from the pandemic and a drop in the number of members accessing support services. 191 military members have died by suicide in the last 10 years, compared to 158 members who died in 13 years serving in Afghanistan.

Operation Lifesaver’s New Suicide-Prevention Campaign Provides Hope to Canadians – Financial Post
June 7, 2021
Operation Lifesaver Canada is a non-profit dedicated to rail safety, and they just launched their suicide prevention campaign, Today is Better, which was created in collaboration with the Canada Suicide Prevention Service and the Association québécoise de prévention du suicide. The focal point of the campaign are videos of people who had thoughts of suicide and sought help telling their personal stories. “The Today is Better stories are proof that life can get better. They send an important message to anyone facing mental health issues—that you don’t have to face them alone,” said Sarah Mayes, National Director of Operation Lifesaver Canada. “The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an incredible toll on people’s mental health across the country, making the campaign’s message more important than ever.”
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