Weekly News Roundup Jan. 11 – 17, 2021

Every day we scan news headlines and social media for items of interest to the field of suicide prevention. Here’s what we found last week:

How Suicides At A Top New York Attraction May Change What We’ll Do For A View – Forbes
January 15, 2021
*Method warning* The[…]

Research Roundup – March 2020

This is a summary of the latest significant Canadian (🇨🇦) and international suicide research we collected in the past month: Special Research The following two articles do not address suicide or suicidal behaviours directly, but they do examine psychological adversities encountered as a result of epidemic outbreaks (this is timely research considering our current[…]

The latest issue of InfoExchange is out! This issue explores why people choose to die by suicide by jumping off high structures such as building and bridges. It also looks at the struggle to deter these deaths by erecting barricades. You can check it out here: http://bit.ly/1mDVTDz
Please join the[…]