Blue Monday 2019

The third Monday in January has been called “Blue Monday,” apparently due to the heightened rates of depression and suicide around this time of year. However, this is a myth. People who experience depression do so throughout the year, not just in January. Blue Monday does offer an opportunity to check in with people around […]

Debunking Blue Monday p.2

Blue Monday is a mythical day that is said to be the “most depressing day of the year,” and a day where perhaps more suicides take place. We set out to debunk this myth, as depression is much more complex than simply feeling blue on a wintery Monday after the holidays. People with depression experience […]

Debunking Blue Monday

The third Monday in January has, since about 2005, been reported to be the day of the year that people feel most depressed. This correlates with another belief that the most suicides take place on this day. It’s easy to understand why the belief in Blue Monday persists; after the holiday season people may be […]