Life and death in the family: Early parental death, parental remarriage, and offspring suicide risk in adulthood

Early-life parental death (PD) may increase suicide and other mortality risk in adulthood. The potential implications of subsequent remarriage of the widowed parent (RWP) for suicide have not been well examined. Data came from the Utah Population Database for birth cohorts between 1886 and 1960, yielding a sample of N = 663,729 individuals, including 4533 suicides. Cox […]

Women who jump into wells:Reflections on suicidality in women from conflict regions of the Indian subcontinent.


The Impact of Widowhood on Irish Mortality due to Suicide and Accidents

The impact of widowhood on suicide & accident mortality in Ireland was investigated using Poisson regression analysis applied to routine data relating to all 10,561 suicidal & accidental deaths of married or widowed persons aged at leat 35 years in Ireland during 1986-2005. Mortality rates were almost always higher among the widowed & often by […]

Elderly Suicide: Causes and Prevention Strategies (IN: Elderly Alcoholism: Intervention Strategies by M Beechem)

This chapter reviews the high rate of suicide among older people, especially older, white alcoholics. Common suicidal situations were examined including depression, widowhood, chronic health problems, & alcoholism. Different types of suicide were identified including physician-assisted suicide & rational suicide. Explanations for the growing support for these practices are offered. Factors contributing to high suicidality […]

Mental Health of Widows After a Sudden Death: Suicide and Non-Suicide Survivors Compared

The presenter discussed the results of a study comparing the mental health of widows after the suicide of their spouse with the mental health of widows after sudden spousal death by other modes & identified the variables associated with satisfactory & unsatisfactory mental health. The mental health of 40 widows was assessed at 12-21 months […]

Investigation of a Developmental Model of Risk for Depression and Suicidality Following Spousal Bereavement

Data from a community-based multi-wave investigation were used to examine a developmental model of risk for depression & suicidality following the death of a spouse. Measures of perceived parental affection & control during childhood were administered to 218 widowed adults 11 months after the death of the spouse. Self-esteem, spousal dependency, depression, & suicidality were […]

Suicide After Bereavement: an Overlooked Problem

The effect of time on suicide after bereavement among widowed persons was examined. Data were extracted from Swiss mortality statistics for the period 1987-2005. The time between bereavement & subsequent suicide was determined by linkage of individual records of married persons. Suicide rates & standardized mortality ratios in the first week/month/year of widowhood were calculated. […]

The Broken Heart: Suicidal Ideation in Bereavement

Suicide ideation was examined in a group of 60 recently bereaved widows & widowers compared to 60 individually matched married comparison subjects. Suicide ideation was higher among widowed people & was most excessive for widows. The effect disappeared when there was control for emotional loneliness. Social support did not buffer individuals against suicide ideation but […]

The Effect of Life Transitions on Suicide in the Elderly

This document is an extended abstract submitted for possible presentation at the annual meeting of the Population Association of America. The authors studied the social determinants & life course transitions that may contribute to the tendency toward suicide among different age subgroups, & consequently, different cohorts of older adults.

Adjustment to Violent and Natural Deaths in Later and Earlier Life for Black and White Widows

The Impact of Spousal Bereavement on Older Widows and Widowers (IN: Handbook of Bereavement: Theory, Research, and Intervention, ed. by M S Stroebe, W Stroebe and R O Hansson)

Loss of Partner and Suicide Risks Among Oldest old: a Population-Based Register Study

This study analysed the impact that the loss of a partner has on the suicide risk of the oldest old (80+ years)compared to younger age groups. The study group comprised the entire Danish population, aged 50+ during 1994-1998. Survival analyses showed that the majority of older persons who died by suicide were widowed, although only […]

Suicide and Marital Status in the United States, 1991-1996: is Widowhood a Risk Factor?

National suicide data for the United States were compiled for the years 1991-1996 & broken down by ethnic group, 5-year age groups, gender, & marital status. Data on suicide rates indicated an approximately 17-fold increase among young widowed White men (aged 20-34 years), a 9-fold increase among young widowed African American men, & lesser increases […]

A Nation in Transition – Bereavement in Japan


Traumatic Grief and the Spousal Loss Model


Depression, Delirium, and Suicidality in an Older Woman Caring for an Alzheimer’s Patient (IN: Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology, by T F Oltmanns, J M Neale, & G C Davison)

Chronic Pain, Bereavement, and Overdose in a Depressed Elderly Woman


Suicide and Shame in a Southeast Asian Community: an Interview With a Friend


The Widow’s Suicide in Pre-Modern Korean Society

In this article, the author seeks to discover whether a tradition of widow-suicide following the death of a husband ever existed in pre-modern Korean society, through the analysis of various written accounts of the widow’s suicide over the ages. The author also explores the crucial relationship of individual case-histories of suicide to the basic elements […]

Life after Death: a Practical Approach to Grief and Bereavement

This consensus paper describes the essential skills that clinicans need to help persons who are experiencing grief after the death of a loved one. 4 aspects of the grieving process are reviewed: anticipatory grief, acute grief, normal grief reactions, & complicated grief. Techniques for assessment & recommendations about intervention & indications for referral are provided […]

Altruistic Suicide in India

Altruistic suicide has a long history in India. In ancient times, 2 forms were practiced: Jauhar, a kind of mass suicide by women of a community when their menfolk suffered defeat in battle; & Sati, a suicide of a widow on the funeral pyre of her husband or after the cremation. The practice of Jauhar […]

Traumatic Grief as a Risk Factor for Mental and Physical Morbidity


Death by Suggestion, Anthropological Study Muerte por sugestion, estudio antropologico

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