Church-based social support and suicidality among African Americans and Black Caribbeans.

This study explores the relationship between church-based informal social support and lifetime prevalence of suicide ideation and attempts within a representative national sample of African American and Black Caribbean adults. Characteristics of church-based social support networks, as well as emotional support and negative interaction with church members were examined in relation to lifetime suicide ideation […]

An Analysis of Self-Inflicting Violence in the English-Speaking Caribbean

This study examined the impact of self-inflicted violence on the well-being of individuals in the English-speaking Caribbean. Information was obtained via field research & police statistics. Attempted suicide increased from 2005 (121 cases) to 2006 (134 cases), with a slight decline in 2007 (133 cases). Attempts were significantly more common among females than males, especially […]

Suicide, Homicide, and a History of Oppression in the Caribbean Nations


Suicide and Homicide in Caribbean Nations

Yang & Lester (1994) calculated suicide rates for 14 Caribbean nations for 1970-1979. Suicide rates were higher in nations with large populations, less female participation in the labour force, & higher divorce & marriage rates. Information on the percentage of the population of these islands which was of African descent was obtained. Islands with more […]

Economic and Social Correlates of Suicide in Caribbean Nations

Using data from the 1970s, it was observed that the gross national product per capita was positively associated with male suicide rates in the Caribbean islands, with sociological variables playing a smaller role. In contrast, sociological variables played the more important role in the associations with female suicide rates. (7 refs.)

Social Integration and Suicide in the Caribbean Islands

Durkheim (1897) predicted that suicide would be more common in societies with low social integration. Small nations, with populations in the thousands, would have higher levels of social integration since they would show greater resemblance to preindustrial society. This hypothesis was tested using a sample of 16 Caribbean islands which report suicide rates to the […]