Effects of At-school Victimization and Sexual Orientation on Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Youths’ Health Risk Behavior


The Vermont Suicide Prevention Platform


The Vermont Suicide Prevention Plan Draft


The Lieutenant Governor’s Task Force on Youth Suicide Prevention in Vermont

A report designed to decrease the number of adolescents involved in self-destructive & suicidal behaviors. Prevention is presented on 3 levels: primary prevention (e.g. building healthy self concepts & skills through parent education), intervention (e.g. staff training for school personnel, written crisis procedures), & treatment (e.g. recommended protocol for a potential suicide, & for an […]

Vermont’s Suicide Rate letter

This brief letter to the editor addresses an article concerned with the high rate of suicide in Vermont. The high quality of the State’s death certification system is offered as an explanation for apparent high rates. The speculation that weather is influential is refuted. (LH)

Mortality Experience of Vermont Granite Workers

The proportional mortality experience (1952-1978) of 969 deceased white male granite workers was compared with that of U.S. males. Industrial hygiene information was combined with work histories to develop an estimate of lifetime granite dust exposure for each individual. With the exception of excess suicide among workers dying before 1970, there was little evidence of […]

Grim Green Mountains

The Use of the Beck Depression Inventory With Adolescents

This study presents data on administration of the Beck Depression Inventory to an adolescent sample. Factor analysis and interitem and item-scale correlations of the BDI suggested that this questionnaire can be used with this population. The mean BDI score for the sample was slightly higher than that obtained in general population studies of younger children […]