Personality as a Mediator of Demographic Risk Factors for Suicide Attempts in a Community Sample

The study determined whether personality might partially explain associations between sociodemographic factors & self-reported suicide attempts. Data were from a postal survey sent to 912 community residents previously selected at random. In a multiple, logistic-regression analysis constrained to sociodemographic predictors, only young age, female gender, poor self-reported health, & Medicaid status remained as predictors of […]

Social Class Bias of Suicide Prevention Volunteers


Prevalence and Correlates of Binge Eating Disorder in a Community Sample

This study describes the prevalence & correlates of binge eating disorder as assessed by the Patient Health Questionnaire in a survey of 910 randomly ascertained participants. 60 individuals screened positive for current binge eating disorder with men as likely to screen positive as women. These subjects were at substantially elevated odds for depression, generalized anxiety […]

Suicide Attempts in an Adolescent Female Twin Sample


Suicides in a State Correctional System, 1992-2002: a Review

Draft – Missouri Suicide Prevention Plan. A Collaborative Effort: Bringing a National Dialogue to the State Updated

This document is an updated draft of the Missouri Suicide Prevention Plan. It outlines the purpose of the Plan & discusses the application of suicide prevention principles to public health policy. It examines the epidemiology of suicide in the United States & Missouri in particular, & sets out the strategic prevention activities which have been […]

Collaboration With Police in Crisis Work

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Key Element of Teen Suicide Prevention Training

Surveying Help Pathways in Teen Suicide Prevention

Missouri Suicide Prevention Plan. A Collaborative Effort: Bringing a National Dialogue to the State

This document is the final version of SIEC #2005-0667.

Psychiatric Disorders in Patients of a General Hospital

This report describes the kinds of psychiatric disorders observed in a general hospital population, applying a classificatory scheme that has proven reliable in large groups of patients. The clinical implications accruing from the identification of most of the disorders are presented. Incidence of suicide attempts are discussed. (8 refs)

Draft – Missouri Suicide Prevention Plan. A Collaborative Effort: Bringing a National Dialogue to the State


Continuing Education: Improving Perceived Competence in School Nurses

This article examines an investigator-designed survey that was used to determine if attendance at specific continuing education programs increased the competence of school nurses. Respondents were queried about the general content of six courses offered by the Missouri Department of Health. Specific content areas included mental health concerns, suicide prevention, diabetes management, asthma, seizure disorders, […]

Stability and Severity of Presenting Problems at a University Counseling Center: a 6-Year Analysis

A Longitudinal Analysis of Factors Associated With Morbidity in Cocaine Abusers With Psychiatric Illness

A study was conducted to characterize a population of cocaine users who were referred to a state psychiatric institution, identify treatment problems including reasons for relapse, & develop strategies to improve treatment outcome. A sample of 80 patients was identified with suicidal ideation or attempt the most common reason for referral. The authors of the […]

Identifying Psychiatric Suicides for Research Purposes

Unusual accidental deaths recorded for former public psychiatric patients during a 3-year period in Missouri were compared with data previously published on suicide & undetermined deaths. Demographic & diagnostic data suggested that undetermined deaths resemble suicides, while the remaining unusual accidents do not. For purposes of estimating incidence or prevalence, it is recommended that “undetermined […]

Phencyclidine and Violent Deaths in St. Louis, Missouri: A Survey of Medical Examiners’ Cases From 1977 Through 1986

This study analyzed 104 deaths involving phencyclidine (PCP) from 1981 to 1986 in St. Louis, Missouri. 4 of the subjects died from fatal PCP intoication, 81 by homicide, 13 by suicide, 6 from accidental deaths. In 50% of the deaths, other drugs were also detected. A dramatic increase in PCP abuse from 1984 to 1986 […]

Suicide and Gender in the Rural Setting

This paper studied suicide ideation, chemical dependency & other characteristics of male & female callers expressing suicidal thoughts in rural Missouri. A similar percentage of male & female callers lived alone (~50%), & had previous suicide attempts (~25%). Male & female callers differed in their level of substance abuse (males had higher levels) and reason […]

Living With the Stress of Family Farming

Some Clinical Considerations in the Prevention of Suicide Based on a Study of 134 Successful Suicides

In an attempt to determine clinical & ecological factors useful in suicide prevention, all suicides occurring in St. Louis & St. Louis County from May/56 – May/57 were investigated. A total of 119 cases were studied from coroners’ records, interviews with significant others & from hospital records. Findings indicated that 98% were clinically ill, 68% […]

Factors Associated With Intention-to-Die

The purpose of this study was to make an epidemeological investigation of factors associated with intention-to-die in self-injurious acts, both suicides & attempted suicides, in a general population. Subjects were all attempted suicides (N=692) & suicides (N=115) reported by police during a 2 year period in St. Louis County, Missouri. Multivariate analysis of intention-to-die scales […]

Alcohol Misuse and Depression in Women Criminals

66 females, on probation or parole from a Missouri facility, were the subjects of this study of alcohol misuse & major depressive syndromes. 18 had a history of suicide attempts & either alcohol abuse and/or depression. Results supported previous findings that depression is common among female offenders. The rate of depression among this sample was […]

Some Results From an Automated Statewide Comparison Among Attempted, Committed, and Nonsuicidal Patients

In the Missouri Division of Mental Health statewide automated Standard System of Psychiatry, 151 patients who had attempted suicide were compared with 424 who had not & with 97 who had committed suicide. Much of the data was provided from relatives using an automated history. Attempters were younger & more often female, depressed, assaultive & […]