Suicide Cluster Response Plan

The Sedgwick Couty Suicide Prevention Coalition developed this guideline to help community leaders respond proactively to suicide clusters or situations that might develop into suicide clusters. Step-by-step procedures are outlined & a list of community resources for Sedgwick County is provided.

Attitudes and Beliefs of Adolescents and Parents Regarding Adolescent Suicide

This qualitative study used focus groups to elicit the thoughts of adolescents & parents of adolescents regarding adolescent suicide. 66 adolescents & 30 parents participated in 13 focus groups in Chicago, Illinois & the Kansas City, Kansas area. Both adolescents & parents recognized adolescent suicide as a major problem, but not for their own communities. […]

Action Plan for Suicide Prevention in Southeast Kansas

This report provides information on a July 2007 symposium in Chanute, Kansas where participants selected action plan priorities for suicide prevention in southeast Kansas. Three priorities were identified, including: local communities & schools incorporating best practices of mental health education, including a suicide prevention component, into health curricula by 2010; addressing the stigma associated with […]

2005 Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Task Force Annual Report

This report presents some 2005 suicide statistics for Sedgwick County, Kansas. An outline of scheduled activities for 2006 is also included.

Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Task Force: Year one Report


Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Task Force: Year two Report


Sedgwick County Suicide Prevention Task Force Annual Report


Recent Developments in Kansas Bioethics law: the Kansas Prevention of Assisted Suicide Act

The purpose of this article is to analyze the Kansas Prevention of Assisted Suicide Act (Kansas Act) which went into effect July 1, 1998, by placing it within the context of how other states are reacting legislatively to demands from society & recent Supreme Court decisions. The article examines 1) statutory definitions of assisted suicide, […]

Kansas State Plan for Suicide Prevention (Draft)


Depression, Suicide Ideation, and Aggression Among High School Students Whose Parents are Divorced and use Alcohol at Home

106 rural high school students completed the Children of Alcoholics Scale, Zaks & Walters’ Aggression Scale, Beck Depression Scale & a version of the Beck Scale of Suicide Ideation. On aggression, alcohol-dependent boys & children from divorced homes scored higher. Depression was higher among those with homes where alcohol was used. A Pearson r of […]

Suicide Among Elementary School-Aged Children

In this study, questionnaires were sent to 196 elementary school counselors in Kansas to acquire information about suicidal behaviour among students. Counsellors reported having contact with 187 students who were suicidal during the 1987-88 school year. 1 male student completed suicide. The counsellors rated family problems as the primary reasons for suicidal behaviour, & depression […]

Emergency Room Nurses Experience of Suicide Intervention

Suicidal Behavior Among “Normal” High School Students

This paper discusses the findings of a pilot study on suicidal behaviors among 313 high school students in Kansas. 62.6% reported some degree of suicidal ideation & 8.4% had made a suicide attempt. The current study provides a linchpin between studies of adolescent suicide attempt rates & studies reporting on percentages of adolescents who made […]

Suicidal Behavior Among “Normal” High School Students

The findings of a pilot study, focussing on suicidal behaviors among 313 high school students in the midwest are discussed. Of all the students who participated in the study, 62.6% reported some degree of suicidal ideation or action, including 8.4% who had actually made a suicide attempt. The current study provides a linchpin between the […]

Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Community Suicide Prevention Service

This article provides information about the development & implementation of a comprehensive community suicide prevention service, based on the community agencies developed & now operating in Topeka, Kansas. An assessment of community needs, the utilization of existing agencies, priority rating in the establishment of new facilities, & fund raising are discussed. (note: this is a […]

Relationship of Internal External Control and United States Suicide Rates, 1966-1973

Annual variations in scores on the Rotter Internal-External Locus of Control Scale by college students btwn 1966-73 were related to concomitant annual variations in suicide rates for the total US populations & for 8 separate age groups. Results suggest perceptions of internal-external control did not change among older persons as they did among younger persons, […]

Management of Suicide Attempt

Death Work: Producing Official Mortality Statistics

Problem-Solving Behavior in Suicidal Adolescents

To evaluate the assumption that suicidal behavior in adolescents is linked to diminished problem-solving capacity the WAIS Arithmetic Subtest & the Rokeach Map Reading Problems Test were administered to 13 suicidal, 13 psychiatric but nonsuicidal, & 13 normal adolescents. The suicidal group made significantly lower WAIS test scores & failed the ROKEACH test more often […]

MMPI Ratings of Suicide Risk

The MMPI profiles of 20 male psychiatric patients who committed suicide & 20 who did not attempt or complete suicide were presented to 6 clinical psychologists with expertise in MMPI interpretations. Data analysis revealed that the clinicians could not distinguish suicide from nonsuicide from the profiles. Furthermore, the 8 variables identified by the clinicians as […]

A New Experimental Approach to the Relationship Between Color-Shading and Suicide Attempts

Developed a color-shading technique to study the previously demonstrated relationship between Rorschach Test color-shading responses & suicide attempts. Of 17 matched pairs of hospitalized psychiatric patients (age range 19-47 yrs), those who had attempted suicide gave significantly more shading responses to chromatic cards than those who had no history of suicide attempts. Results suggest that […]

Intropunitiveness in Suicidal Adolescents

An attempt was made to evaluate the hypothesis that intropunitiveness is the fundamental dynamic underlying the self-destructive behavior of suicidal adolescents. Suicidal, psychiatrically disturbed but not suicidal and normal adolescents were administered the Rosenzweig Picture-Frustration Test. Their protocols were scored for intropunitiveness. No significant differences in intropunitive scores were found among the 3 groups. It […]

Suicidal Solution as a Function of Ego-Closeness – Ego-Distance

The theoretical relationship between suicide & personality organization was explored by finding an autokinetic index – the amount of apparent movement of a stationary light – for suicidal & other subjects at 3 hospitals. Findings generally support the notion that an ego-close personality, characterized by concentration on external stimuli (&, therefore, a lower autokinetic index) […]