A Survey of gun Collection and use Among Three Groups of Veteran Patients Admitted to Veterans Affairs Hospital Treatment Programs


Arkansas’ Child Suicide Rate Bucks Trend in ’80’s, Drops to 2.9 per 100,000

A survey found that Arkansas was one of only a dozen states where the child suicide rate dropped (from 3 to 2.9 per 100,000) during the 1980-89 period. Results indicate that suicide rates among adolescents in the US have increased 18% from 1980 to 1989, more than doubling in several states. They attributed the increase […]

Proposed Model School Response Plan to Youth Suicide Crisis

Speaker’s Bureau Training Manual

This is a training manual on adolescent suicide. It covers myths & realities, warning signs, & what to do in an emergency.

Student Advisory Board Training Manual

Presenter’s Manual: It Doesn’t Have to end This way

A presenter’s manual designed to give schools the necessary tools to begin to address youth suicide. It discusses myths, warning signs, symptoms, & how to respond to a suicidal emergency.

Too Many Times Youth Get the Wrong Answer…Suicide

Dissociative Symptoms in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Subjects With a History of Suicide Attempts

2 groups of veterans, 14 suicide attempters & 16 nonattempters, were surveyed about their histories of alcohol & other substance abuse, dissociative symptoms, domestic violence, posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, combat exposure, gun collection, & gun usage. The 2 groups did not differ significantly except for scores on the Dissociative Experiences Scale. Findings did not support […]

Predictors of Self-Reported Psychopathology in Children Abused Repeatedly by a Parent

41 children who had been abused repeatedly by a parent or parent figure were given the revised Diagnostic Interview for Children & Adolescents. 10 children reported suicidal ideation; 8 of these had been sexually abused, 6 also had conduct disorder & major depression. Loss was the only significant predictor of suicidal ideation. (22 refs.)

Youth Homicide

This Letter to the Editor reports on an informal surveillance of 1,786 children & adolescents discharged from psychiatric services at an Arkansas Hospital (1988-92). Case profiles of the 5 homicides identify common features: family substance abuse, personal sexual/physical abuse, dysphoria, conduct dysfunction, & neurodevelopmental deficits (in 4 cases). All of these are associated with increased […]

Lost Too Soon: A Wave of Teen Suicides Leaves a Tiny Southern Town Shattered, Wondering why its Sons Chose Death Over Life

This article describes the suicides of 4 teenage boys in a small Arkansas town. The boys killed themselves in a span of 5 weeks. The lives of the 4 boys are described. One was a “clown” who did not care much for being popular. He later shot himself in a classroom full of people. Another […]

Structural Parameters of Sex, Race, Age, and Education and Their Influence on Attitudes Toward Suicide

A telephone survey of 400 Arkansans was conducted to explore attitudes toward suicide. Results indicated that 69% of respondents do not believe a person has the right to commit suicide & 71% believe that a normal person would not commit suicide. Attitudes & experiences with suicide & suicidal people were found to be differentially distributed […]