Suicide prevention-related Google searches and subsequent emergency department visits in California and Arizona, 2007–2015

Introduction United States emergency departments (ED) visit rates for nonfatal self-harm increased by 42% from 2001 to 2016. Previous suicide mortality research has provided conflicting evidence on the use of suicide-related Internet searches as a surveillance tool for self-harm and suicidal ideation. However, few have used rigorous approaches to account for autocorrelation at the aggregate […]

Associations of suicide referents with different moral connotation with actual suicides: Time series analysis

Background: Different words used for suicide (so-called suicide referents) have different moral connotations, and neutral referents are recommended in media reporting guidelines. Aims: To assess how different referents in media reports are related to actual suicides. Method: Austrian news articles for each month between 2000 and 2021 (n = 276 months) were obtained from the Austrian Press Agency. Time series were […]

The short-term effect of ambient particulate matter on suicide death

Background Air pollution can cause various respiratory and neurological diseases and continuous exposure can lead to death. Previous studies have reported that particulate matter (PM) exposure increases the risk of depression, suicidal thoughts, and suicidal death; however, the results are inconsistent and limited. This study aimed to examine the relationship between short-term PM exposure and […]

Conceptualising suicide prevention

For decades, in New Zealand and across the globe, suicide prevention policies and strategies have stagnated with more of the same psychiatric intervention. In this paper we report the first round analysis of a series of multivariate trend analysis using forecasting methods. We focus only on the question: what will the suicide rates be in […]

Association of revision of Money Lending Business Act and suicide rate in Japan: An interrupted time series analysis

Objective Debt problems are associated with suicide. In Japan, the Money Lending Business (MLB) Act was revised in December 2006 and fully enforced in June 2010 to reduce multiple debt problems. This study aimed to examine the association between the full enforcement of the revised act and suicide rates. Methods An interrupted time series analysis […]

Evaluating the impact of alcohol policy on suicide mortality: A sex-specific time-series analysis for Lithuania

Objective: It is reasonable to believe that the alcohol policy environment can impact the suicide mortality rates in a given country, considering the well-known link between alcohol use and death by suicide. The current literature, albeit limited, suggests that an increase in alcohol taxation may result in a decrease in deaths by suicide and that the […]

Seasonal and temporal patterns of homicides and suicides in Cali and Manizales, Colombia: A times-series analysis 2008-2015

Objective To identify seasonal and temporal variations in daily incidence of homicides and suicides in Cali and Manizales, Colombia during 2008–2015. Materials and methods An ecological time series study was performed using negative binomial regression models for daily incidence of homicides and suicides; analyses were controlled for yearly trends and temporal autocorrelations. Results Saturdays, Sundays, […]