Impulsive but Fatal Self-Poisoning With Pesticides Among South Asians in Nickerie, Suriname: an Exploratory Autopsy Study

The circumstances & characteristics of suicides in Nickerie, Suriname are described in order to gain insight into why South Asians commonly use self-poisoning. An exploratory psychological autopsy study was conducted with 19 survivors of 13 suicides. Impulsivity plays an important role in self-poisnonings, as well as aggression & easy accessibility of pesticides. Possible answers to […]

High Rates of Suicide and Attempted Suicide Using Pesticides in Nickerie, Suriname, South America

An epidemiological study in the Nickerie catchment area of Suriname revealed high rates of suicide (48 per 100,000) & attempted suicide (207 per 100,000) on average in the years 2000-2004. The high number of attempted suicides among males was particularly remarkable as was the use of pesticides. It is speculated the high incidence of suicidal […]

The Epidemiology of Paraquat Intoxications in Surinam


The Epidemiology of Suicide in Suriname