SIEC Annual Report 1993-1994

This annual report describes the operations & achievements of the Suicide Information and Education Centre in the fiscal year, April 1993-March 1994.

Annual Report 1994-1995

Data on the operations and achievements of the Suicide Information and Education Centre are presented in this annual report for the fiscal year, April 1994-March 1995.

Annual Report 1995-1996

This annual report discusses the achievements & operations of the Suicide Information and Education Centre over the fiscal year, April 1995-March 1996.

Guide to Archival Resources for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing History in Alberta

Suicide Prevention Review Forum October 19/20 1999

No Good Reason

The suicides of 3 adolescent boys while in police custody are described. These boys, who had been in trouble with police, had slipped by the eyes of social workers, police & society to commit suicide in police-supervised areas. Despite resources such as the Suicide Information & Education Center in Calgary, & recommendations that police officers, […]

Orientation Manual for new Suicide Prevention Program Coordinators

This orientation manual provides information for new coordinators of suicide prevention programs in Alberta. The Alberta Model of Suicide Prevention is outlined. The 3 goals of suicide prevention in Alberta & 6 strategies to obtain these goals are discussed. The 6 steps in developing effective community-based programs are described. Appendices describe the history of suicide […]

Therapist Response to Client Suicide: Selected Readings

This 1-page bibliograhy lists 15 references to articles which discuss the reactions of therapists to the suicide of a patient.

Battling Suicide: a war Against Society’s Stigma and People’s Fears

This article presents data on 1993 Alberta suicides & looks at differences by sex & by method; discusses the stigma that deters people & companies from supporting suicide intervention campaigns; & provides information on support services located in Calgary, namely, prevention, intervention & bereavement counselling from Suicide Services, the computerized information system at The Suicide […]

Post-Secondary Student Suicide: Recent Readings (1986-1991)

This reading list provides full references for 17 documents on post-secondary student suicide. It includes articles on research & articles on implementing intervention & prevention programs. All the articles were published between 1987 & 1991, & 15 of the 17 resources are available from SIEC. (VM)

Pointing out Alternatives a Critical Step in Prevention

This newspaper article describes the “Alberta model” of suicide prevention. There are 4 components to the model: research, SIEC, coordination of suicide prevention agencies, & the establishment of suicide prevention training programs. This article mainly describes the training program, which includes sections on caregivers’ attitudes, risk assessment, & intervention techniques. (VM)

Alberta Making Major Effort to Overcome High Suicide Rate

This article discusses Alberta’s suicide prevention program, including the resource library/database of the Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC). Unfortunately, the province is still encountering the problem of the reluctance of physicians to get involved with suicidal patients. Few physicians, for example, have attended Alberta’s 2-day Suicide Prevention Training Program. The program is briefly outlined. […]

Therapist Response to Client Suicide: Selected Readings

This reading list provides full references for 12 articles on therapist response to client suicide. It includes both research articles & articles advising how to cope with the loss of a client through suicide. The articles were published between 1970 & 1990, but most are from 1987 to 1990. All of the articles are available […]

Evaluation Report of the Suicide Information and Education Center

Presents a comprehensive & detailed evaluation report on the Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC) in Calgary, Alberta & includes an executive summary, summary of findings, recommendations, general procedure followed in the evaluation, & results by evaluation objective.

Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC) Database

The Suicide Information & Education Centre’s inhouse database on suicidal behaviors contains: (1) a document file describing each item by accession number, author, title, date, source, location, type, a maximum of 10 subject terms & a 500-character abstract. (2) a subject file providing a controlled vocabulary for SIEC database searches, available in 3 forms (3) […]

The Suicide Information & Education Centre

An Analysis of the External and Internal Structure of the Suicide Information and Education Center

Findings indicate that overall the Centre (SIEC) is doing a good job as a library, as shown by user satisfaction & the comprehensiveness of the database. However, problems exist in the following areas: SIEC’s relationship with the other elements in the Alberta model, lack of agreement on how valuable SIEC is to the model, issues […]

Experts Find No Easy Answers to Explain Trends

This newspaper article discusses rates of suicide & provides information about local services such as the Suicide Information & Education Centre, Suicide Prevention Training Programs, telephone crisis lines, & the Suicide Intervention Program. (LH)

Suicide Information and Education Centre-Suicide Prevention Training Programs Organization Manual

Suicide Information and Education Centre

Concern about increasing suicide rates has prompted the Alberta government to support a group of projects that address education, information, research, & clinical & community activities. SIEC, formed in 1982, acts as a clearinghouse for information, linking these activities. The centre collects books, films, dissertations, articles & proceedings that have been generated since 1955. Registered […]

Organizing Alberta’s Suicidology Library: Lifesaving for a Librarian

This articles includes a profile of Debbie Durie & her work in the organization of the library/database of the Suicide Information & Education Centre (SIEC). A brief history of the development and scope of the SIEC centre is included.

Accessing Suicide Information and Education Resources: An Introduction to the Suicide Information and Education Centre

Preventing Suicide: New Technologies Recycle an Older Model

This paper offers a brief description of both the Suicide Information and Education Centre in Calgary, Alberta and the Suicide Prevention Training Programs, which also originated in Calgary. Included are descriptions of the historical development, rationale for the programs, and who the target audiences are for the programs.