Impact of suicide on health professionals in psychiatric care mental healthcare professionals’ perceptions of suicide during ongoing psychiatric care and its impacts on their continued care work

People who attempt suicide as well as those who actually take their own life often have communicated their suicidal thoughts and feelings to healthcare professionals in some form. Suicidality is one of the most challenging caring situations and the impacts of suicide care affect both the professional and personal lives of healthcare professionals. This study […]

Is suicide beautiful?

Abstract. Background: The sociocultural context shapes attitudes toward suicide. Japanese literary works such as the Hagakure and the Bunraku Sonezaki-Shinju depict suicide as beautiful and honorable. Although suicide acceptance is likely to affect suicide rates and prevention efforts in Japan, studies in this area are limited. Aims: This study aimed to explore suicide acceptance and related factors among Japanese […]

Suicide acceptability and sexual orientation: Results from the General Social Survey 2008-2014

Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals have higher prevalence of lifetime suicide ideation and attempt than their heterosexual peers, but less is known about differences in suicide acceptability (i.e., believing suicide is a viable answer to a problem). The purpose of this study was to examine if LGB adults had greater suicide acceptability than heterosexual […]