Stroke and suicide among people with severe mental illnesses

The associations between people with severe mental illnesses (SMI) and the risks of stroke, suicide, and death remain unclear. We examined healthcare service usage among adults with and without SMI and explored the risk of stroke, suicide, and death. We divided 18–80-year-old adults with SMI into catastrophic and non-catastrophic illness groups. These groups were subjected […]

Readmissions for depression and suicide attempt following stroke and myocardial infarction

Background and Purpose: Rates of depression after ischemic stroke (IS) and myocardial infarction (MI) are significantly higher than in the general population and associated with morbidity and mortality. There is a lack of nationally representative data comparing depression and suicide attempt (SA) after these distinct ischemic vascular events. Methods: The 2013 Nationwide Readmissions Database contains >14 million US […]

Nursing assessment of depression in stroke survivors.

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.1,2 Because depression is the second leading cause of disability in the world,3 stroke complicated by depression is doubly disabling. Thirty-one percent of stroke survivors are estimated to be clinically depressed (95% confidence interval 28%–35%).4 Thus, at any given time, between 28% and 35% of stroke […]

Predictors of emotional distress after stroke.

Background and Purpose— The aim of this prospective longitudinal study was to identify factors relating to emotional distress in the first 6 months after stroke in a sample including patients with aphasia. Methods— One hundred patients who were in hospital at 1 month after stroke were recruited and assessed on measures of communication impairment (Sheffield […]

Screening for depression after stroke: Developing protocols for the occupational therapist.

Depression after stroke is common and can have a substantial effect on rehabilitation outcome. Despite this, the routine screening that has been recommended is only taking place around half the time. Occupational therapists have training that well positions them to provide screening. In a local stroke unit, the psychology and occupational therapy departments worked together, […]

Screening for depression and anxiety after stroke: Developing protocols for use in the community.

Purpose: To develop screening protocols to detect depression and anxiety after stroke in a community setting and train therapists to administer them. Method:Psychologists and a community therapist met to design a system suitable for screening for anxiety and depression in all those with stroke, including people with cognitive and/or communication problems. Other therapists and a […]

A study of suicidal ideation in acute ischemic stroke patients.

Background Increasing evidences indicate that stroke confers a substantial risk for suicidal ideation. The aim of this study was to identify risk factors of suicidal ideation in acute ischemic stroke patients. Method A total of 271 consecutive patients with acute ischemic stroke were recruited in Huai-He hospital or the First People’s Hospital, Kaifeng City, China. […]

Suicide in stroke survivors: Epidemiology and prevention.

Stroke is a dramatic event and is associated with potentially severe consequences, including disability, mortality, and social costs. Stroke may occur at any age; however, most strokes occur in individuals aged 65 years and older. Previous research has found that stroke increases suicide risk, especially among women and younger patients. The aim of the current review […]

Poststroke suicide attempts and completed suicides: A socioeconomic and nationwide perspective.

We observed 220,336 stroke patients with a total follow-up time of 860,713 person-years. During follow-up, there were 1,217 suicide attempts, of which 260 were fatal. This was approximately double the rate of the general Swedish population. Patients with lower education or income (hazard ratio HR 1.37, 95% confidence interval CI 1.11Ð1.68) for primary vs university […]