Suicide prevention in the Americas

The Americas encompass the entirety of the continents of North America and South America, representing 49 countries. Together, they make up most of Earth’s western hemisphere. The population is over 1 billion (2006 figure), with over 65 % living in one of the three most populated countries (the United States, Brazil, and Mexico). The Americas […]

Mortality From Accidents and Violence in the Americas

The analysis in this article is based on mortality data from all countries in North America, Latin America, & the Carribean for various time periods since the early 1960s. Tables portray trends in the percentage of registered deaths due to external causes, trends in age-adjusted death rates from externa; mortality causes by sex; & percentage […]

Culture Shock: a Spate of Indian Suicides in Mato Grosso do Sul

This article describes the disintegration of Brazil’s tribal culture, and the resulting suicides of at least 74, mostly teenage, Indians from 1989 to 1991. The National Indian Foundation, FUNAI, found the Indians needed more land and more dignity. Today, they live on relatively small reserves, and FUNAI is teaching them new farming methods. This is […]

Epidemiology of Suicide in Brazil

An outline of a discussion of suicide in Brazil in which the author made reference to death by fear among Indians & Banzo practices in Negro slaves & conducted a bibliographical review (1878-1962 & 1966-72). Conclusions about suicidal ideas & attempts from a psychoanalytical, statistical study on 220 patients (112 male, 108 female), were presented. […]

Brief Report on Suicide Prevention in the City of Buenos Aires

In this brief article, the author relates the problems encountered in organizing a suicide center in a country that is involved in an internal war. (NBB)