Support after suicide: A thematic analysis of siblings’ experience

Suicide is a worldwide phenomenon resulting in the deaths of more than 700,000 people each year. For every suicide, there are those left behind. The research on sibling’s experiences of grief and the support they require after the loss of their sibling is limited. This study explored the experiences of grief and the support siblings […]

Better silent than silenced: Searching for the words of sibling suicide bereavement.

Commonly referred to as ‘the forgotten mourners’, little has been written about siblings bereaved by suicide. Grieving parents, children and spouses have been extensively studied by comparison, and this seems to mirror what happens in the aftermath of a self-inflicted death. For numerous reasons brothers and sisters find themselves voiceless in their grief, despite intense […]

Sibling survivors of suicide: A retrospective exploration of familial attachment during bereavement.

The following qualitative study retrospectively explored the adolescent experiences and reactions of adult survivors to their loss of a sibling to suicide. The study employed Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis (IPA) to inform subsequent interpretation of interview data collected from a sample of five adult sibling survivors of suicide. Criteria for an individual’s participation included being of at […]

All my puny sorrows.

Elfrieda, a world-renowned pianist, glamorous, wealthy, happily married: she wants to die. Yolandi, divorced, broke, sleeping with the wrong men as she tries to find true love: she desperately wants to keep her older sister alive. But Elf’s latest suicide attempt is a shock: she is three weeks away from the opening of her highly […]


You wake up, and your sister is dead. With an absent father and their mother constantly ill, sisters Darcy and Carly Nolan were forced to rely on each other growing up. While unpredictable Carly bounced around, her lifeÕs direction uncertain, Darcy fell in love, went to University, and moved to another province. When nineteen-year-old Carly […]

History of a suicide:my sister’s unfinished life.

On the night of April 15, 1990, Jill BialoskyÕs twenty-one-year-old sister Kim came home from a bar in downtown Cleveland. She argued with her boyfriend on the phone. Then she took her motherÕs car keys, went into the garage, closed the garage door. She climbed into the car, turned on the ignition, and fell asleep. […]

Suicidal Behaviors in Surviving Monozygotic and Dizygotic Co-Twins: is the Nature of the Co-Twin’s Cause of Death a Factor?

The frequency of suicide-related behaviours was compared in twins from 2 survivor groups: those whose co-twin’s deaths were suicides (47 monozygotic & 31 dizygotic) & those whose co-twin’s deaths were nonsuicides (347 monozygotic & 170 dizygotic). The frequency of suicide attempts among suicide survivors was significantly higher in monozygotic than dizygotic twins, while the frequency […]

Surviving the Suicides of Significant Others: a Case Study


Suicidal Behavior in Surviving Co-Twins

Doubt remains as to whether the increased risk of suicide in monozygotic twins is a response to the intense grief over the loss of a close relative, or whether a common genotype is associated with suicidal behaviour. A number of researchers have reported greater suicide ideation among bereaved monozygotic twins as compared to dyzygotic twins, […]

If Only… Personal Stories of Loss Through Suicide


Surviving Suicide: Help to Heal Your Heart. Life Stories From Those Left Behind

This book is a collection of life stories from people all over the world who have written about their loved one or their friend who died by suicide. A letter or letters to the person who died follow each story.

Those They Left Behind: Interviews, Stories, Essays and Poems by Survivors of Suicide

In this collection of interviews with survivors of suicide, individuals talk candidly about how their lives were impacted by the suicide of a family member or close friend. Over 50 individuals shared their stories. The final chapter of the book includes stories, essays, & poems written by survivors.

Search for New Meaning: Adolescent Bereavement After the Sudden Death of a Sibling


By Their own Hand: Irreconcilable Silence

The word suicide takes on a life of its own. People are both repulsed and intrigued by the word and the silence it brings. Those who survive a loved one’s suicide face the inherent contradictions that exist in society: a mixture of sympathy and disgust, spectacle and removal. The author’s sister was a clinical neurologist […]

Siblings After Suicide – “the Forgotten Bereaved”

Relative Grief


From Grief Grows Passion: a Suicide Survivor Begins to Heal Through Helping Others

This article discusses the volunteer work done by a man whose brother died by suicide. He describes the benefits that have resulted from doing work in suicide intervention & postvention.

Surviving Suicide: the Ones Left Behind


“Art as a way to Life”: Bereavement and the Healing Power of Arts and Writing


Daughter of Suicide

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Lessons in Death: Physician Suicide — Where the System Fails

Journey of the Heart

The Family Debriefing Model: an Adapted Critical Incident Stress Debriefing for Parents and Older Sibling Suicide Survivors

In this article, the Family Debriefing Model is described. The Family Debriefing Model combines solution-focused interventions with an adapted Critical Incident Stress Debriefing model & was specifically designed to facilitate treatment with parents & adult- & adolescent-siblings who survive a family member’s suicide. The efficacy of the Model is examined through a series of reported […]