Low level of agreement between self-report and clinical assessment of passive suicidal ideation

Objective:¬†Discrepancies between patient reports during clinical evaluations and self-reported suicide ideation are of vital importance. We study the agreement in passive suicidal ideation between reports made by clinicians and patients’ self-reports. Method:¬†Wish of death in 648 outpatients was assessed by attending clinicians. Within 24 h after clinical evaluation, patients completed a self-report questionnaire in which […]

Adolescent loneliness and social skills: Agreement and discrepancies between self-, meta-, and peer-evaluations.

Lonely adolescents report that they have poor social skills, but it is unknown whether this is due to an accurate perception of a social skills deficit, or a biased negative perception. This is an important distinction, as actual social skills deficits require different treatments than biased negative perceptions. In this study, we compared self-reported social […]

The scars of the inner critic: perfectionism and nonsuicidal self-injury in eating disorders.