Changes in the number of suicide re-attempts in a French region since the inception of VigilanS, a regionwide program combining brief contact interventions (BCI)

Background Brief Contact Interventions (BCIs) after a suicide attempt (SA) are an important element of prevention against SA and suicide. They are easier to generalize to an entire population than other forms of intervention. VigilanS generalizes to a whole French region a BCI combining resource cards, telephone calls and mailings, according to a predefined algorithm. […]

Predictors of re-attempt in a cohort of suicide attempters: A survival analysis

BACKGROUND: Suicide prevention is one of the greatest challenges in mental health policies. Since a previous suicide attempt is the main predictor of future suicidal behaviour, clinical management of suicide attempters is vital for lowering mortality. Psychopharmacological interventions are still nonspecific, and their effectiveness have often been questioned. In this study, we aim to identify […]

Risk factors for repetition of self-harm: A systematic review of prospective hospital-based studies

Background Self-harm entails high costs to individuals and society in terms of suicide risk, morbidity and healthcare expenditure. Repetition of self-harm confers yet higher risk of suicide and risk assessment of self-harm patients forms a key component of the health care management of self-harm patients. To date, there has been no systematic review published which […]

Half in love with death: Managing the chronically suicidal patient.

Half in Love With Death presents a new way for therapists to manage chronically suicidal patients, an incredibly challenging task for clinicians and one where an insufficient amount of literature exists to guide professionals. Author Joel Paris suggests an approach that defies conventional wisdoms about whether suicide can be predicted or prevented. He asserts that managing […]

Trajectories of suicidal ideation among adolescents following psychiatric hospitalization.

Suicidal ideation (SI) is a common presenting problem for psychiatric hospitalizations in adolescents and often persists following discharge. This study examines whether distinct trajectories of SI could be delineated following hospitalization and the risk factors most strongly related to these trajectories. Adolescents (N = 104; 76 females; 28 males) were followed for 6 months after discharge from inpatient […]

Exploring the meaning of recovery from recurrent suicide attempts.

A qualitative Grounded Theory approach was used to investigate the transition away from recurrent suicide attempts. We used a criterion convenience sampling strategy (Patton, 1992). Qualitative interviews were face to face and transcribed word for word. Quantitative interviews provided an overview of symptom severity in the areas of identified deficits for people with recurrent suicide […]